Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To KL to eat, shit and sleep... what's more?!

Holiday season came and gone last week and my wallet's gone from fat to thin in that few days at Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I had drove my family in my City 200 km down south from our humble island, Penang, to metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. So it is all about spending and consuming during this festive season. 

07:30 PM - Friday, Penang at Evergreen Hotel
Had a great buffet with my cousin who came back from Saudi. Had beef, chicken, and so on.

10:30 PM - Friday, Penang
Pack and ready to drive out of Penang. Good drive and the bridge was not as jam as the one coming in from the mainland. I laughed at them for their misery for being stuck in the jam but heck it's Hari Raya so everyone is returning to their kampung. Frankly speaking, one good thing about working and staying in Penang is that you do not get to jam during the festive when your traveling down south to Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh. 

12:00 AM - Saturday, Ipoh
Reached Ipoh at midnight, reached home and fell asleep, not quite, on my bed. Amidst the king size bed and comfy pillow and bolster I can only my wife snoring who slept beside me. Oh dear, I have another drive in about 7 hours. 

09:00 AM - Saturday, Ipoh
Go to Kao Lee's Dim Sum for some curry noodle? No, we had moderate filling of dim sum like siew mai, char siew pao, lor mai kai, har kao, porridge, egg tarts and some other good stuffs. Oh boy, I can tell you that this place is beginning to pack like Foh San because I can see more outstation cars. Let us all hope, this favorite restaurant our family always goes to will not become like Foh San. By the way, Mr Ooi came to Penang to eat Foh San. Hope he got a place!

10:30 AM - Enter PLUS Highway
Again the route to Kuala Lumpur is not as jam as the next lane going towards North. Hehehehe... suckers! Okay! Okay! Everyone is going back to their kampung!

01:00 PM - Lodge at Bdr. Sri Damansara
Reach our apartment, to unload, clean and get ready for another journey which is SHOPPING! We headed first to 1-Utama Shopping Mall. Oh hell! Jam! Both old wing and new wing's parking lot FULL! I nearly gave up and decided to go to Ikano but my second brother told me that I can park at the back which is an open space car park. Good! At least I found a parking space now though the walk to the mall is not that far; just a 5 minutes walk. So we started to eat and buy things. Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! I can see my wallet thinning every moment.

06:30 PM - To La La Song... no, it's La La Chong's Seafood Restaurant 
Agreed to have dinner with my Uncle Simon and Brother Hung at a seafood restaurant at Kampung Kayu Ara. So we had prawns and what else? Of course, it's their La-La! Kam Heong La-La! Slurpee and delicious. We ate and Uncle Simon cracked jokes the whole night. 

10:30 PM - Back at Bdr. Sri Damansara
Lights out and sleep? No, I surfed the night, my brother played online games, my wife played her Facebook and my mom surfed her Internet. Heck! Everyone is surfing including my mom with her new notebook! Thank god my second brother installed a WiFi.

Do you know I met Ah Bai? Where? With Whom? 

I met Ah Bai at 1-Utama in MPH Bookstore with a pretty young girl. They were holding hands and looked so loving and happy! Scandalous!!!!

Finally, Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

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