Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Work, play MGS, and eat... after my last marathon for 2010

The skies are dark and the weather is terribly wet for the past few weeks. Going out to buy food is a heavy chore since I am absolutely lazy to leave my room and put down my PSP Go (iPhone too). So it is either the all beloved Cintan Mee and 1-300-McD for lunch or dinner. Anyway, I am going down to Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson for my Christmas and at the same time get in touch with my long old Bengali friend who lives in old Kepong. Good old Kepong. I wonder what he's up to lately.

My work is getting busier by the month and now I have to do work for 3 SD Analyst and it just reminded me of my old workplace. Very familiar, eh? Yes, it is indeed. The only difference now is no Ah Bai to bug me. ;P Since I started working at my new workplace I would always get the urge to play my PSP Go. That feeling will just come and go like a ghost. Oh, Tron is going to in Cinemas soon (19th Dec). I hope the date is correct. 

I noticed there's a change in me especially after I got my iPhone 4. I would incessantly whip it out and start poking on Tap games, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, my RPG games, and amongst other news apps. It is crazy and I could not help it. Enter a clothing shop, I whipped out my iPhone 4. Enter a restaurant, I whipped out my damn iPhone 4. Enter a book shop, I whipped out my damn damn iPhone 4. You can say I am with my iPhone 4 from morning until night. Just before going to sleep, I look at Tap Zoo! Other than this addicted indulgence, I have my PSP Go which my mind constantly thinking how to score an S-Rank mission. Shit... Oh by the way, God of War : Ghost of Sparta is out in PSN (PlayStation Network). ;P

The other day, I ordered Salty Chicken from Pulau Tikus, in which the delivery man had it delivered to my doorstep. So the conversation was all spoken in Cantonese.

Delivery ah pek : RM27.00
Mr William : oh... ok.... ** I gave him RM50 note **

Delivery ah pek :  ** in Hokkien ** I don't have change...
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... wait wait i go look for change for you...

Delivery ah pek : ** in Cantonese **... you are not from Penang?
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... I am from Ipoh...

Delivery ah pek : ** in Cantonese **... oh, from Ipoh... which area...?
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... Near Jusco...

Delivery ah pek: ** in Cantonese **... oh, that's Ipoh Garden...
Mr William : YES, you are right!

Then I told my wife about our conversation and mentioned that ah pek probably from Ipoh too. Little did I know she would say the following:

Mrs William : You didn't ask him, if he knew Snr Yau?!

Shit, that was a good one...So anybody who comes from Ipoh knows my dad... ok, i will ask this question the next time anyone in Penang says they know Ipoh Garden... 

williamwilstroth... Ipoh, iPhone 4, PSP Go