Monday, August 28, 2017

Table Manners and Younger Generations

Our world is filling fast with better and smarter devices; especially smartphones. Every year, there are newer and improved versions and this include better applications too. Unfortunately, we descendants of the apes are devolving. Not evolving. Many times, I would bump into mindless kids or young teenagers doing all sorts of stunts or foolish acts. It is a wonder how some parents refuse to lecture and let their kids go wild and free. 

The other night, I was having dinner with my wife and the food court were pack because of the school holidays. We managed to get a table for four. Since there were just the two of us, my wife allow a young mother and her son to join us. 

Me : I'll go get my dinner, eat on, don't wait for me. 
She : Okay. 

After 15 minutes, I returned to the table, the kid returned with his food too. None were too annoying until he started to eat his chicken chop. It was the way he uses his fork and knife that was irritating. He could learn some table manners on how to use that tools that us, human with the almighty brain, created to cut the chicken and eat. You don't raised your elbow with that pair of tools. Elbows down, sit up straight, hold the fork and knife in the correct position, cut and eat. You don't elbow up and touch your next neighbor!

My Wife : Damn, that was disturbing!
Me : See, am I right? Always eat with elbow down and don't spread out. Tuck in. Eat politely.

My Wife : God Damn... that was so rude. You are right!

Me : The right way to eat, no matter what culinary utensils, is elbow down, don't spread out, eat slowly and politely. Don't be rude to others sitting next to you. 

My Wife : His mom didn't say a thing... I can't belive it!
Me : Well, I think his mom loves his boy too much...

Parents, you should teach your kids to have table manners when it comes to meal times. 

williamwilstroth... where are your table manners?

Twisted Thoughts - My Wife

When you had done bad before, you would always be aware of some bad karma coming back to kiss your sorry ass. That is when fear strikes hard at you in the heart, and I am always very careful of that. Yes, you can do all the charity and gave as many prayers as you can do in any temple you come across to make atonement. Does it really work? I don't think so.

Me : Will you turn your back on me?
My Wife : Yes. 

Me : Will you go somewhere and leave me alone?
My Wife : Yes. 

Me : How about another man approaches you?
My Wife : Yes. 

My Wife : Can you stop being an ass? If i wanted to do all those, it wouldn't be now. Way earlier. Go to sleep! It's already 2 in the morning... jeeze...

Damn coffee... don't drink coffee at night...

WilliamWilstroth... scary thoughts and fear of bad karma