Monday, September 30, 2013 runs a lousy online store (DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GROUP AT ALL)

[Latest Update] : have refunded back the RM99 Minion Talking Dave. However, to serve as a reminder to all about this lousy handling of MyDeal, please do be very careful before you make a purchase on any items promoted by There's a possibility stock has already finished and they still promote it in hoping they get more profit out of unsuspecting customers. This is just a hunch. 

Always opt for COD or meet the seller directly. I find this kind of discount or group purchase not very reliable and stable.
Author's note : you have been warned by me not to remove my postings. You did it again and even banned me from your Facebook.

Last three months, somewhere in July 2013, my girlfriend bought 1 Minion Talking Dave (RM99) from and as agreed upon payment, the receipt (a generated email) stating that the toy will be delivered before 15th September 2013. Until today, there's not even a single sight of the delivery. Anyhow, between July 2013 and 15 September 2013 period, that's not a long duration to buy, check, pack and delivery to customers but one thing that made the whole deal becomes as lousy and stinks as a bowl of shit is the non-commitment attitude to deliver and the lousy attitude of its' customer care team. 

The whole deal of repetitive of standard email reply by is just not helping at all. There is no assurance as to whether your purchase will ever get delivered. It's the "tidak-apa" attitude. So, the question is why bother with email request on status. All they could do was "If you can't wait-then request a full refund" to tell you off. 

My girlfriend and I have waited for 2 1/2 months and tomorrow is October, that made it 3 months in total. Still, there is no feedback and/or one sincere status report given by to their customers. As a result of non-responsive customer care, I decided to go do some checking on their Facebook page. To my dismay, it's not just me but there are so many customers already complaining about their purchase not being delivered, nobody picks up their call and countless of in-ethical deletion of complaints posted there. 

Proof 1.0 : Complains of customer who did not receive their purchase. 
So, it's just not me alone who are facing this problem buying one RM99 Minion Talking Dave from Other customers who bought other stuffs did not get their purchase deliver too.

I began to put up some questions which have led to countless of complains and warnings and then began to start removing my complains from their Facebook page. Here's a proof which another customer, by the name Martin Handoko, suffers the same fate, his enquiry was unethically deleted by 

All you have to do is just go to Hundreds of complaints for undelivered promises

Dear, just because you are the middle man selling things on behalf of other sellers, it doesn't mean you just grab the money and don't give any care to your buyers. You are responsible to your buyers. You need to be pro-active on the whole deal. 

1. You always send the wrong response email to me despite me giving you my order number. That make me think, you are not doing a very good job. Probably, it's a monkey on the keyboard.

2. Standard "tidak-apa" attitude reply. Why don't you go after the sellers and come back to us with a better answer. Even if you want to give us a full refund, how long will it take you to give me back my money. I seriously doubt I would ever get my money back.

3. Promises are meant to be kept. If you can't deliver within the stipulated agreed date-time, do not sell the product at all. Or, you can personally email and call everyone and apologize to all your customers. You have fail on this too. Yeah, why would you, right? Afterall, my money is already in your account. The hell with me, right?

As a result, this whole affair of buying things from is so much like a scam. I felt has cheated my money. 

My order number : 1384206. 

Again, I wonder when will it arrive? Or Will I ever get a refund?

I am not happy at all with this kind of dealings. I have decided to put this post up so it serve as a lesson and guide to all future online group purchasers. 
williamwilstroth... sucks, don't buy from them.


hiwee said...

Now they even hide their post from others, u couldn't see any of the complain post directly to the wall. Then people like me start posting at their post and again they delete off and i got upset and copy paste more and they report me! All my post are being remove!

william wilstroth said...

Although many people tell us to file a complain at the Consumers Right's website. But, what will it really do to them? These tribunals might take months. Plus, we don't have the money to sue them. Imagine the expensive lawyer's fee that we have to cough up ourselves. So, we don't have much choice. In my opinion, they (the discount online sellers) must have seen some loophole into this kind of business that we don't realize it; hence, they abuse it and leaving us, the buyers, at our wit's end.

My advice is always check their background before you really jump into buying certain things from them. One time bad experience is enough. Furthermore, the amount we buy sometimes goes up to hundreds of ringgits and the product doesn't come to us immediately. The deal closes when they get enough of buyers but sometimes they extend the selling dateline. Leaving us to wonder if they really do have the available stocks on hand. But I think they don't stock up. That makes the deal lousy because we do not know if they have available stocks.

Anyhow, have you visited this Facebook page? This is the link:

YOu can put up your experience with some screens shots of your deal onto that page so more people know how bad MyDeal is.

Good Luck.

myin lee said...

hi, may I know how should I go about to get my refund for the minion talking deal? they have not respnded to my email nor calls.

william wilstroth said...
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william wilstroth said...

Hi Myin Lee,

Wah, so long now only you want to do refund? I hope they do the refund. Anyway, if you still have the Order Number,

1. Email them, tell them, you want to cancel and do a refund.
2. They will ask you to provide them with order number and bank account number.

Take note, they may not immediately refund you back. It may take them some days or weeks.

Mine roughly two weeks.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Their modus operandi similar to


william wilstroth said...

Things maybe nice, interesting and cheap on their website but I have stay away from buying things online.

Just not worth the pain of going after them each week to get things to my doorstep.

Diana Monica Perera said...

Did you get your order in the end?

william wilstroth said...
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william wilstroth said...

No, I gave up waiting for their delivery. It's too long... imagine the hype for the product has died down after more than 4 months and I am still waiting for it to come... There's no the kind of way to sell things online. For example, if the agreed selling point is that I need to wait 3 to 7 days then i expect the seller to honor it between that period. Unfortunately, they did not.

Anonymous said...

Hi All ,

Simple.. I guess facebook or other forum doesnt work... Make a complaint to consumer Association..

I did recently

Anonymous said...

Hi All ,

Simple.. I guess facebook or other forum doesnt work... Make a complaint to consumer Association..

I did recently