Tuesday, August 4, 2009

40 things that you should do... perhaps...

Life is short and have you ever thought of what you should do before you grew old or kick the bucket? If you don't have any, maybe I can help you out with a list like below:

01. FARK Tipu as many girls as you can afford!
02. Eat as many wan-ton-mee, char kuey teow, and other food as possible your stomach can digest!
03. Eat as many ice cream as you want per day!
04. Play as many MMORPG as possible your eyes can bear to open for many days!
05. Watch as many leng luis as possible so your eyes are thorough clean!
06. Acquire as many high tech gadgets as possible that you can buy; nevermind not using it!
07. Window shop as many stores as possible even though just walk in and out!
08. Test drive as many new cars as it comes into the market and do give the salesperson your comments!
09. Bitch as many complaints as possible if you are like it or don't like anything!
10. Watch as many TVB dramas as possible into the night!
11. Read as many blog as possible; plus providing comments!
12. Visit as many massage parlours as possible and give those biao mei a hard time!
13. Buy as many books as possible so you can fill up those empty spots in your room!
14. Eat as many Macdonalds as possible until you become good friends of Ronald Macdonald!
15. Eat as many KFC as possible until the chicken in the country runs out!
16. Eat as many Pizza as possible until the staffs kick you out!
17. Applied as many credit card as possible so you can show off to your friends!
18. Watch as many movies as possible from GSC until the staffs know you! Forget about its Credit Card advertisement where a couple lansi lansi walks in and show you his farking card...
19. Run as many rounds as possible and even if you hate, just pretend you like it!
20. Show your middle finger as many times to any people you like as possible and say, kanineh!
21. Screw those tele-marketing as many times as possible each time they call you and repeat what they say!
22. Change your personality as many times as possible until everyone is pissed off with you!
23. Say as many KANINEH as possible so people think you are one nut!
24. Say as many MCH in every sentence as possible so people will avoid you!
25. Make your wife angry as many times as possible because she will be the last one you will face at night!
26. Take the chocolate box out, take one piece out, eat it, return the box to the fridge and keep repeating to annoy your wife!
27. Keep repeating each word insensibly from TV advertisement until your wife ask you to stop then repeat again!
28. Keep telling your wife to remember her duty just to annoy her! If she ask what was it, you say you don't know!
29. If you can't sleep, count your sheeps aloud so to annoy your wife! If she start counting together, start counting biao mei!
30. Remove your FACEBOOK friends then tell them to add you back. Repeat doing it to annoy them! After that close your account and create a new one!
31. Write as many love letters as possible to your wife but dear it to your own name!
32. Keep going down to see your car as many times as possible! If your wife is annoy tell her its your second wife!
33. Change channel every 5 minutes to annoy your wife. If she joins in the fun, open and close the TV. If she still ok with it, plug and unplug your television cable! If she still carry on with you, you throw the TV out of your house!
34. Go to one of your male buddy FACEBOOK and keep putting remark, "How was the biao mei last night?" until they remove you from their friend's list!
35. Go to one of your female buddy FACEBOOK and keep putting remark, "How was John in the bed?" until they remove you from their friend's list!
36. Look at your wife and smile to her every 5 minutes just to annoy her!
37. Change every channel and say RUBBISH to annoy your wife!
38. Order every type of Pao and then tell the seller to separate it into each plastic bag. Then you change your mind and tell the Pao seller to put it in one bag instead! Then you change your mind again, tell the seller you only want one Pao!
39. Buy all those types of INSTANT NOODLES and eat it!
40. If you are reading this blog... please come back again!

Thank you.

williamwilstroth... 40 things that you should do or not do it!