Monday, January 17, 2011

Driving around...

Not much to say when it is the beginning of a new year. I had a blast of working year with so much projects to touch and to complete and that was in my previous attachment. Now, the road is less bumpy and less signboards. Though I am still on the road to where ever I am suppose to go I just found doing a lot of things does not mean you will know a lot of knowledge on most of it. Focusing on one subject takes you longer and deeper into the subject like getting lost in the city or jungle and having a tough time on your own to find the exit. 

My running has slowed down though I had registered for my next run in KL, The Banero Run 2011 and I will be running as far as 10 kilometer. I guess, it is enough for the moment, and enough since my heels has yet to recover from last 21 kilometer marathon. Having said that I am more pre-occupied with my games especially Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker nowadays. I have been playing it since last year around October. So much fun and excitement I just could not miss that console even during my working hours. Anyway, I am thinking of getting an LED television and a White PS3 with a fair amount of hard drive storage that will store most of my wonderful games. Oh, not to mention some games for missus too. 

Other than running, my work, and my games, I have been thinking a lot these few days especially the big question, 'Where will I be in the next 3 years?'. That question has been going round and round in my mind. Perhaps something big is going on later in my life. Who knows? ;P
williamwilstroth... Banero Run, PSP, MGS : PW, LED TV and White PS3...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twisted Thoughts : The Preparation...

You heard someone calling your name. It was very softly and it grew louder. You were stirred from your sleep. It looked like you had a very long sleep. You opened your eyes. You felt so restful. You slowly got up from your bed. You looked around. Everything seemed so strange and white. Yes, it is white. As a matter of fact, the entire room is white! The pillow is white. The comforter is white. The floor is white. The wall is white. Your overalls is white too. The white color is so white that it glows and burning your eyes. You rub your eyes and took a deep breathed. 'Where am I?'.

Your feet touches the cold white floor as you tried to stand up. You felt like years without standing straight up. It was such a long time you hardly remember what happen. You tried to remember back what you did yesterday. You could not remember anything at all. You could not even recollect what you had before you sleep too. Everything was fussy and blurry. You looked around again. You took a few steps. 

'What is your name?', a gentle motherly voice came from no where. 

You looked around and there was no one in the room. Just plainly white and the white bed you woke up from. 'Who is that?', you looked to the white room. 'What is your name?', it asked you again. You gave a moment to think but you could not remember your name too. You tried so hard to remember but you could not search for a name. 'What is your name?', it asked again. 'I don't know', you looked to the white room. 

'Good. Look to your right. There's a glass of water. Please, drink it', it said again. 

You walked to the right. A white table emerged and a glass containing clear liquid stood on top of it. Not a big glass but a normal glass you would see everyday. You looked at the glass of clear liquid. 'What is this?', you asked. 'It's something for you to drink and start of your new day', the voice explained. You looked at it again before you decided to take a little sip. Probably one sip and if it taste bad you will decide to not drink it. As the liquid touched your tongue, you felt nice, cool and it tasted something else like milk. Except it was clear. 'What is this? This is good', you asked again. 'It is milk', the voice said. You looked at the glass of milk with disbelief. 'This is milk?', you looked to the room as though now the room is talking to you. 'Yes, now, look to your left, there will be a cupboard and a piece of cloth for you to wear', the voice said. 

You walked to the left. A white cupboard appeared out from the flat wall. You opened it and found a nice piece of white garment. It was a long piece of long cloak with low collar. You wore over your current apparel. 'Now, walk to the center of the room, please', the voice said again. You did as you were told and went to the room automatically. 'Okay, please wait', the room said again. This time the room changes; the bed dissolved into the white floor, the cupboard disappears back into the white wall, and the table disappears into the white wall too. You could feel the wind blowing against your face as the room takes it shape. A white light appear in front of you. It was getting nearer and brighter. The light brighten up so fast you had to close your eyes. 

After a few seconds, the wind had stopped as though you had been flown to somewhere like a teleport in some kind of science fiction story. 'Please wait', the voice said. You opened your eyes. You see another person standing in front of you. You are facing his back and there was another person standing behind you. You looked around. You saw rows of people in a long queue. You are one of them and you figured out that you are the second person in your own queue. The queue from other columns were so long that you could hardly see the end of it. Everyone wore the same garment. Everyone looked the same. You doubt you look like them too. However, they had their puzzling face and that tells you they looked worried and anxious as to what will be happening to them. You did not had to wait long. 

'I am He', someone said in a booming voice.  It was not so motherly like the one before which talk to you upon your awakening.

You look to the front. It was a bright light and suddenly you hear a click sound like a switch being turned on. Every queue now has a beautiful and very fair lady standing in front of it. She might be an officer. "Begin", the huge voice said in a slow and steady voice like a competition about to start. 

The officer in front attend to the first person in front of you. They were talking but you cannot hear what they were saying. The officer was smiling all the time while talking to the person. She never frowned at all. She would speak and her eyes glistened that could melt your heart. The person in front of you now walk forward into the white light behind the beautiful lady. You did not have to move to her. She smiled at you and you were brought forward by something holding your legs. It is amazing you looked around as you move towards her like someone pushing you. 'Hi, did you have a nice glass of milk?', she asked and smile at you. She was so beautiful that you could hardly speak properly. 'Did you have a nice glass of milk?', she asked again and she smiled again. 'Yes', you answered her. 'Where were you last night?', she asked you. 'I have no idea?', you told her. 'What were you doing for a living?', she asked you again. You shook your head and said, 'No idea'. She looked at her device which looked like a translucent tablet personal computer. 'That looks like an invisible iPad', you told her. Immediately she looked at you with surprise as though you were not suppose to know what she was holding. She smiled and walked nearer to you.

She was so near to you that you could smell her. It was very sweet. She looked into your eyes. So near you could kiss her. Suddenly, you saw a flash and there she was standing in front of you again. 'What am I holding?', she asked you. You looked blank at her thing in her hands, 'I don't know'. She looked at her thing again. 'Who is your wife?', she looked at you and gave you the sweetest smile. You think hard, 'No, idea'. 'Good, show me your left hand, please', she took out a tag. You showed her your left hand. She put a tag on your hand with some inscription that appear for a while and you could not see what it was written there. It is another white tag again. White. Everything is so white. "Now', she looked at you again. A white flash goes into you and you were numbed by it. It was fast though and again you regain your vision. 

'You can now follow the arrow on the floor behind me and go along with it, understand?', she asked. 

You nodded and walked forward. It was not a long walk before something suck and you felt into deep sleep again. It was just that. You fell asleep.

'Oh my god! He's arrived! Congratulations! Mr Braden, you have a baby boy!', the doctor who deliver the baby. The couple looked so happy. The mother was exhausted and the baby boy is crying loudly. Though the delivery room was strung with tension but it was a happy moment fro all.

Way up beyond the clouds and space. 'Candidate #1034343, has successfully born to the world to a very nice couple who will take care of him. For whatever deeds he has done in his past, this is the best we can give, my lord', said the beautiful lady.

'Okay, very good, we will see what he can do in his life. Now, next candidate, please', He said.

williamwilstroth... of awakening and reborn...