Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twisted Thoughts : To refuse A Wish

May is a very beautiful girl and loved by everyone. She was a very hardworking girl and her exam results were very good and this made her parents very proud of her. Of course, she had many suitors which she found no interest in them at all. After many years, she had graduated from her university and had became a doctor. Her parents had been even proud of her than ever. One can say her life was perfect.

One evening after dinner, her mother walked into her room. "Dear, your father and I will be going for a visit to an old uncle very far away", said her mother. She smiled at her mother and told them to have a great trip. However, her mother then told her that their trip will not be short and she will be alone for a very long time. "Why, mother?", she asked. "For we have to do one thing that it is now due and we need to fulfill it", answered her mother gently to her daughter. "You are now big enough", she continued. "Then I shall miss you very much, mother", her daughter held her mother's hand. "But why you and papa have to stay so long?", the daughter asked her mother. "One day you shall know", said her mother. Her mother was nearly as tearful as the other night when her husband told her that it was time to fulfill their deeds.

Her parents had left very early in the morning. When she woke up, she found a note by her pillow. The note read that she should be careful whenever the clock strikes seven in the evening and she should not accept anything from any man. That was all the note were written by her parents. She kept wondering what her parents had tried to tell her. She went to work as usual, meet all her patients, had her lunch and went home after work. As correct as the note her parents wrote, someone knocked at her door at seven o'clock evening. She went to answer the door. "Good evening, doctor", the man greeted her. "I am here to grant you one wish. Any wish. However, there's one condition to that wish", the man gave her a wide grin. "When you achieve that wish, you must give me the first thing you see when you wake up the next morning", said the man. Adhering to her parent's advice, she said no and told the man to go off. "Very well", the man left.

The next morning, she went to work like usual and came home after work. At seven o'clock again, there was a knock on the door. She went to answer the door and found the man again on her door step. "Good evening", greeted the man. "I am here to grant you a wish", again the man propose his offer to her. "However, there's a condition that you must give me the first thing you see when you wake the next morning", the man give her an even bigger grin this time. Again, she said no to him and told him not to come again. "Very well", the man left.

The very next day, she went to work like usual then came home after work. At seven o'clock again, there was a knock on the door. The man had returned to her house again. "Hello there", the man called from outside. "I am here to give you a wish", the man repeated his offer again. This time, she had became so frightened she called the police. "I'd called the police!", she begged the man to go away. The man laughed so hard that it shook the house. "You think you can run away", said the man. "Your parents had been so eager to have a baby last time", the man began to snarl then a loud laugh again. "Your parents wished for you", the man laughed again. "And you must do the same again like them", the man told her. "No, it's not true!", the girl cried. It had became so quiet and the girl had no idea if the man was still there. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "Hello, we are the police. Open the door", the police had arrived. She ran to the door and open it. Behold, the man was still standing behind the two officers. She screamed and fainted.

When she woke up, she was already in the hospital. Her doctor had told her that she had fainted at her doorstep in front of the policemen. Later in the afternoon, the two policemen came to see her. "Miss, may I know what had happen?", he asked her. "Didn't you see a man standing in front of my door?", she asked them. Both of the policemen seemed surprise and told her there was no man standing at her door. She told them there was a man there. For in fact, that person was a devil who had made a deal with her parents many years ago. Her parents had wanted a child for a long time and they would give anything to have one baby. Unfortunately, the devil was passing by and overheard the parent's wish and so decided to make an evil deal with them. Her parents had now gone because both see each other in the morning the first thing when both opened their eyes. They had been strong enough to ward off the devil from taking them away before they could see their daughter grew up.

That night at seven evening, the devil appear in front of her bed and give her the most wicked smile ever. She yelled at him and told him to go away for she had no deals to offer and no wish she wanted. "Yes", the devil gave a long slur and told her every human has a desire. "Everyone has a desire. Tell me, what you desire most?", the devil now bend over her and looked into her eyes. He saw her parents. "Your eyes betrayed you, my dear", the devil laughed. "Tell me, you desire your parents and I shall grant them", the devil was now dancing happily in front of her. "Tell me", the devil repeated. She screamed at the devil again to leave her. She still remember her parents advice to never say yes to any man who offer her anything. When the clock struck eight the devil had dissappeared from her room. She was now soaking with sweat and fear.

The next morning, she was fine enough and her doctors had her discharge from the hospital and returned home. The moment she entered her house, the feeling was no longer the same. She could sense the difference in the house. The feeling as though someone had entered into it and give it a different smell. Again that night at seven evening, the devil came knocking on her door again. He waited outside for her to come to him. He waited and waited and still there was no one to open the door. He knocked again. Only silent greeted him. At eight evening, the devil left. The girl who used to stay there at the house had left already. She no longer stay at the same house anymore. Yet, everyday without fail, at seven evening, the devil will come knocking on the door and bemoans the girl to come open the door so he could offer her a wish. Many occupants had come and go as they complained someone came knocking and created a lot of nuisance exactly at that said hour. I am not sure what happen to that house. Some said it was moved away or it had been demolished for newer housing development.

Author : Just pure fiction and not related to any person or event.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Year 2010 in another 3 days and I am still stuck at one previous entry which I have yet to publish it due to current editing to the story. Yes another Twisted Thoughts story. 2010 marks another decade past before our eyes. What have you done for this year?

01. Had a tremendous busy working year.
02. My wife not much difference except my late mother in law had passed away.
03. I have yet to make any official wedding honeymoon trip. Next year, I will need to fulfill this requirement.
04. I gotten myself a new car.

What's for next year in a few days to come?

01. To continue working hard and finish as  many projects as possible.
02. My wife and me to a far away land for our honeymoon wedding.
03. Save as much money as possible.
04. Save as much money as possible.
05. Save as much money as possible.
06. Save as much money as possible.
07. Save as much money as possible.
08. Save as much money as possible.
09. Hoping for a higher pay raise and a a fatter bonus.
10. Save as much money as possible.
11. Save as much money as possible.
12. Save as much money as possible.
13. Save as much money as possible.
14. Treat all my loved ones as dear as possible.
15. Save as much money as possible.
16. Save as much money as possible.
17. Save as much money as possible.
18. Probably, I get myself and my wife - Iphones!
19. Save as much money as possible.
20. Save as much money as possible.
21. Save as much money as possible.

And lastly, Happy New Year 2010!

williamwilstroth... Happy New Year 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twisted Thoughts : Die and Live no Pain

Back in time in outer space, a team of space marines had been assigned to rescue a certain prominent scientist. Although they had had a hard time locating the scientist but they finally found him in a deserted laboratory. He had sustained injuries heavily during his escaping from his expedition in the planet that he had been researching for many moons. He held something precious in his arms and told the captain that it must reach the mothership no matter at any cost. The package was slightly bigger than any usual briefcase but the casing was so hard as though nothing could break it. "Captain, quick! We don't have much time", the captain's marine reported that a herd of aliens were fast approaching them. "Okay, doctor, you need to run! Can you?", as the captain held his arms to lift him up. "No, Captain, leave me here, I can't", the doctor had no more energy left and his injuries had badly done him. "Remember, it must reach the ship", that was his last words while he pushed the black case into the captain's arms.

The marines had ran as fast as they could with the black package in their hands back to their defending bunkers. These bunkers had been deployed as their safety exit before their dropships returned to retrieve them. "Blue 1! Blue 1! The baby has arrived! We are ready to go!", the reconnaisance corporal yelled into his portal communication device, for immediate extraction, as he entered the second bunker. "Alright, baby, coming up, in 10 minutes!", the first pilot immediately made the response. The two dropships had been hiding at a nearby distance so no enemy aliens can detect their presence. A cloaking device had camouflaged these ships. This technology was only made available to all air ships so they could fly in and fly out of enemies zone. First pilot Renee Stewarts had been anticipating for such type of missions since her graduation from the spaceflight academy. Now, these two blue dropships ermerged from their camouflage and flew at top speed to retrieve the marines.

"Alright men! hold this bunker, we are getting out in 10!", the recon corporal yelled at the top of his lungs, cocked his rifle to get ready for the incoming aliens. No sooner than one second, his comrades had began firing away at the approaching enemies. "Black 18, Black 18, prepare for nuclear attack", someone unknown had messaged them through the recon's portable communication device. The message had came in the right time. The team was glad that someone will be shooting a nuclear missile on their enemy. However, their captain had no idea who was that and he had received no further objective from their battlecruiser that there will be a nuclear attack. "Find out who is that and man your post, men!", his instruction had brought his men back to focus and the aliens are coming nearer each seconds. Within two seconds, a bright light appeared above the holding bunkers. Though dropped slowly but the explosion had been fast. The explosion, within it's radius, had sufficiently terminated the first herd of the attacking aliens. "Fire away, boys!", the Captain aimed and fired at their second group of attackers. The second herd of aliens had reached the two bunkers within seconds. The attacking herd had became mad and were spitting ballistic acid towards the bunker. These two bunkers had to fight to defend themselves until their dropships come to take them back. Another five minutes, Renee will be reaching the extraction point. "I am coming, baby!", she kept telling herself. Hopefully those two bunkers are still standing when I arrived as she flew her ship towards them.

The first front bunker had began to crumble under the continuous acid attack from the aliens. In the bunker, it smelled heavily of acid burnt and the stench had not deter the team from losing this battle. Unfortunately their ammunitions had began to go low. The aliens were not retreating and they were determined to get into the bunkers. "Lieutenant, we are coming low! Low!", yelled one of the marines to young Ambrose Mika. "Switch to burners!", the marines had their rifles' ammunitions switched and begun torching their attackers. The second bunker suffered no less than their other team in the first bunker. "Switch to U-18 and burners", the captain had instructed his team with his index fingers and thumb showing the U. "Contact the dropship again!". The first bunker had began to crack under the alien's acid. "Hold it, men!", the lieutenant had begun to pray for the coming fast of those dropships. "Lieutenant, breach! breach!", the attacking aliens finally managed to creep into the bunker and begin its killing second team of Black 18. In the second bunker, they could hear their comrade's screams. The last sound of bullets being fired out from the first fallen bunker had indicated everyone in there were dead. "In the name of Jose," half of his team were killed in this rescue mission. The last man in the first bunker took his last stand, cocked his handgun, and released off the burner's tank so the gas filled the whole bunker. The gas fume had no longer bothered him anymore like his training in the Academy. It had smelled heaven now for the marine. "Die and live no pain", that was the marines' motto and he smiled at the thought of it. "For the love of my wife, Shereen!", and he pulled the trigger. That moment, the whole bunker was engulf in blue flame, sucked everything in and finally blew everything out. The explosion had took away everything in the bunker with it.

A big boom was the last sound that came from the first bunker. Then, it came crashing down like a sand castle being washed away by the wave. There were still some remaining alien attackers and had turned their focus to the second bunker. "10 seconds, guys, I am coming!", the recon's portable communication device radioed out to them. "Come quick!", the recon personnel had responded to the mouth piece. The second bunker had begun to rattle under the heavy acidic attack from the aliens. "We are falling Captain!", yelled one of the marines. Some of them had succumbed to acid injuries and died. He had been holding his rifle and torching his attacher for almost 10 minutes and it had looked like a very long time. At least he had thought the bunker is still standing and not yet the necessity to put an end to everything. However, his fear of dying in an unknown and desolated planet were becoming nearer and nearer. He wished the dropships had arrived to bring him and his remaining team away. Alas! Dropships had arrived in time to the remaining standing bunker. "Oh god", cried Renee as she pulled her dropship directly below the bunker.

"Fire away, gunners!", Renee ordered her gunners to start shooting those creatures. The heavy firepower from her dropship had force the attackers to retreat to a few distance. Unfortunately, the bunker had cracked at one side of its wall and one creature had entered through the crack. The marines were terrified and had began shooting at it. It forced the alien to back up a bit but it was still determine to move further. Renee turned her dropship around and her gunners spray bullets at it. It ran away unhurt. "Up! Up! Boys! We are going home", she had let down her bay doors for the marines' extraction. The marines ran up into dropship's belly. "Go! Go!", the captain had yelled to his boys. When the last marine had safely entered the dropship, the bunker crumbled like the first bunker. The two dropships turned around and flew up and make their returning trip to the battlecruiser.

Meanwhile, commanders in the battlecruiser which was orbitting outside planet, received good news of the Black 18 success mission. "Now we have the package", Alexei nodded to the Chief Commanding Officer. "We will start the Human Next project", the CCO grinned back at him.

williamwilstroth... fire away... fire away....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A day's in William's life... on Saturday...

07:30 AM - Woke up, brushed my teeth and washed my cibai face, then prepared my cleaning kits and went down to wash away that cibai bird shit. That cibai bird dropped it on my PG2's front grill. Kanineh...

07:50 AM - Waited at the sucky lift, that is forever sucks, to go down to PG2. I forgot to mention that my condom's condo's lift always had those mysterious white stains on the wall. Its' gross to imagine what kind of residents are living in Midlands. Kanasai!

07:56 AM - Walked to PG2, put down my pail of water, and kits down. Did some inspection and went about cleaning and did a bit of waxing the body and tyres.

08:25 AM - After nearly half an hour, PG2 is sparkling clean enough to pass showroom's quality. Packed everything and went back up.

08:30 AM - Went into the room, kissed Mrs William to wake up. "Where did you go?", she murmured. I winked at her, "exercise, dear".

09:00 AM - Farking Facebooking, Twittering and blog surfing...

11:30 AM - Time to go eat.

13:00 PM - Sleep...

Darn... I have nothing to say...

williamwilstroth... I have nothing to say...