Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rivers of Babylon by Boney M

So it seems today is our last day and tonight is End-of-World. I'm still sitting at my cubicle, trying to solve my SAP issue. Made myself a hot cup of white Boh tea. It is now sitting next to my notebook. I can smell its aroma. It's nice. The taste is rich of milk and I just took a sip. It tasted good. 

Of course, if the world comes to an end then I won't be attending work tomorrow. Definitely, the IT Dept's Christmas party gone too. I bet everyone wake up at Pearly Gates with the largest and longest queue that God would ever see in his ever presence since the dawn of humanity. However, if the tonight pass out without a flick of explosion and screams, then rest assured there will be another one coming, 2035. Will there be another movie on this?

Anyway, let's all join hands and sing "Rivers of Babylon" by Boney M : 

williamwilstroth... 2012, Rivers of Babylon, end-of-world

Monday, December 3, 2012

Citibank and extra cash to give?

An unknown number called and I picked it up, 

Unknown : Hi, Is this William?
Me : Yes, I am. 

Unknown : I'm calling from Citibank. It's regarding your credit card.
Me : Okay.

Citibank Sales : Do you have any balances that you want to transfer to your Visa Clear Card?
Me : No. 

Citibank Sales : How about any extra cash you want so to help you on your business?
Me : No, I don't own any business. 

Citibank Sales : Ok, thank you and bye.

Wow.... That's fast. Now here's the thing. The catch is not to ask the person if you want any bank transfer or extra cash but telling you it is regarding your credit card. So, they have change their tactics so they don't get any hang-ups immediately. Good approach but still I don't need any transfer or extra cash. If extra cash that I don't have to return then it's good.

Oh boy, i am so tired lately...

williamwilstroth... I don't feel like a young man...

Had a choice and I made one.

It's been almost 5 months since I moved out from my rented old condominium unit. Leaving several memorable things or stuffs behind. Some DVDs underneath the bed and several good old books in her drawer. I left behind an iPad too. It's all for her. I'd packed my last clothing into every suitcase I can find. I have no idea she packed that last suitcase for me. I have no idea, 6 years from now, I am leaving my wife. I've always wondered how did she felt when she packed my suitcase? Yes, she packed a suitcase and some bedsheets for me. I guess she had it all ready and knew that I had to leave. Some said our time had come to an end or it's just pleasantries to make this whole divorce sounds more comforting?

We signed our divorce paper on the 3rd August 2012, this year. That was 5 months ago and I'd received my copy of divorce paper and hers too. We are now officially back to our single life. She's back at her own work. For me, I am back as a single man with someone whom I think I am not so sure if I want to be with. Every time when I drive to Pulau Tikus or Georgetown, I can't just stop thinking of my ex-wife. 

Anyway, what's done it's done. There's no way I can turn back the clock tell myself don't walk the wrong path. I had a choice and I made one. Was it a good choice? I do not know.

1. I wish  I had taken the long road, grab a map, identified all the places I wanted to visit with my ex-wife. Instead of just going to and back from work and stay at home. 
2. I wish I had plan more vacation with her. 
3. I wish I had plan more food exploring with her.
4. I wish I did not just keep buying stuffs for her and spoiled her.
5. I wish I did not just nodded to all her request and spoiled her.
6. I wish I had kept to my promise and bring her to a honeymoon; not always with the family.
7. I wish I've listen to her more often and talk more to her. 
8. I wish I could've drag her along to all my outings.
9. I wish I could've done more as a husband to her in the past 6 years...

Five years from now... I've no idea... 

williamwilstroth... divorce is not easy...