Saturday, February 12, 2011

My games just got more exciting... MGS : PW - Recruit System

On Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker since last year October, if I remembered correctly. Last one month, I had a new feature which was in the game's home panel, called The Recruit System. However, I did not use it because I thought it requires the Internet connection in order to access certain server in order to get a range of soldiers. Hence, this feature was left untouched for a month. Then this Chinese New Year, I had Co-op play with my brother and found out, actually, how to use the Recruit System. The feature is COOL! It does not need to access any dedicated server, as long as, you switch on your PSP GO's WLAN it will be go to detect all WiFi Access Points. Then it will generate a number of available soldiers for you to recruit. Those WiFi Access Points does not require you to login to play Recruit System. As long as the game can detect Access Point then it will be able to generate random soldiers for you to recruit. Cool isn't it. 

With this Recruit System, you can bring along your PSP Go anywhere to play the feature. Just open your WLAN and you can go about to play the Recruit System. Sometimes one Access Point will generate one or two soldiers for you to recruit. There are times, if the system detects more than one Access Point, you will have five or six soldiers too. For those of you who are hook on Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker, happy Recruiting and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Note : You can only that same Access Point once every 48 hours. So go hunting for other Access Points!

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