Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Experience living with an owner. If you don't like it, get out.

I had just moved out a week ago to a new and better place. Now, I have my own kitchen, living room, the balcony, the laundry room and 3 other bedrooms to myself. That means I can do whatever I want and need. The reason I moved out of my rented room was due to the following reasons. 

1. Crazy live-in owner. There are moments he's mood is blown off, like you forget to pay your dues. Neither talking to you nor just ignoring you off. Although you tried talking to him but the returned feeling is like you owed him money. My pride had fallen because the owner's frequent ignoring my greetings made me feel unwanted. Fortunately, when the time comes to paying my rental, he will be magically happy and all-smiling to you. This was the last straw.

2. The room rent is RM400. Although it is as good as it seems because it is fully furnished with all the perks but I am not sure if he'd hiked it up since I moved out. It's a small room with a queen size bed that largely took up the whole room. And I had to move the bed to another corner so the room looks spacious. 

3. There's ample of parking space but you need to rent it. It's RM140 per month. The parking condition is good except that I parked near a construction site and a lot of used and rusted nails kept falling onto my parking space. It's dangerous if I don't regularly check the floor for some of it. Although I had a choice not to rent it and park out of the condominium's area but I am worried about my car's safety. So I had no choice but to rent one out for my car. 

However, this is the condition in the island. Those who can't park inside, they had to endure muddy parking or park along the roadside at your own risk. I find this is dangerous. Aiyo, my car's Proton only lar, no problem lar. Then, you are good enough to park there.

4. So altogether, I am paying RM540 for this place that I can only do light cooking and practically can't do much. You come to your room, eat, sleep, shit and go to work. It's a prison staying in this room. 

6. That's not all, I need to add in some utility bills like RM34 (on average if you tried hard to save) for the electricity bill. Water is dirt cheap RM2 yet he claimed he brings water back from Ipoh to save water. What the fuck?!

6. Then all together, the total is RM574. If you look at this figure, it's almost RM600. Why don't I go out and try to find my own place with this RM600? And I don't have to endure this sour plum owner? And guess what, I do and did pay my dues, and kept your house clean, asshole.

7. Moreover, you cannot bring back your girlfriend for a night over. Shitty life, huh? Shitty life for the owner and I don't intend to lead a shitty life.

8. There's no fair wear and tear staying here, anything that's broke, you are the first to be blamed for the damage. "You broke it", said the owner. It's a wooden door attach to a bathroom. You expect it to stay in size after getting splashed so many times by our bath water? And you blamed it on us and claimed you didn't know that the door is not plastic? Shit. So, it's risky staying there. If the washing machine or the microwave breaks down, be prepared to pay for it on your own because the owner will eventually say, "You broke it".

9. He's fairly nice to the other room mate. What did I do to deserve this? The other room mate is not that good either. He's way of washing the toilet is just scrubbing the walls and floors only. He left things un-closed after using most of the electronic appliance. So, this is a good tenant I guess. 
I guessed all these bullying is due to the fact I did not sign any agreement with him. That's make him brave to do anything all above that seems one sided.
So, after four months of soul searching and an agent who helped me, I finally found a modest, clean and good to live for a long period condominium unit. It is so much better than the room I had rent one week ago. 

1. I don't have to live with an owner. The owner lives in the mainland. She seems a nice lady. She even allowed me to nail a few places to put up my stuffs. And even let me rent out one room to anyone, if I wanted to do so. She's nice. 

2. The plus is the owner does not live with me. 

3. I can do my own cooking irregardless light or heavy ones.

4. I have my own freedom to do whatever I like as long as I stay within my lines as a tenant as stipulated in the contract. Yes, there's a contract and I intend to keep it as my word to the owner.

Conclusion, if you guys are trying to rent my room at 104-02-06, Villa Emas, Penang, think twice. The owner might seem nice at the beginning, but it is not so rosy after that because he's a fussy prick. I had endure it for 7 months. It's time for me to go to a better place. What more can I say? Biasa lar, kalau tak suka, keluar lar! So, I am keluar-ing lor.

Advice : Be cautious and always think twice hard before renting a room with a live-in owner. Serious.

williamwilstroth... that's why I am moving out...