Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I thought Kong was on news...

This morning when I read the Star online news I saw this I got a shock of my life...

the star, 2009-01-01

My immediate thought goes to Wira Yat Hoe (W-01). You see, he is getting married this weekend and when I read that title I thought the following things had happened:

1. W-01, house kena buglarized and his dowry all gone...

2. W-01, restaurant's wedding dinner kena rompak kau kau...

3. W-01, not enough money to prepare ang pau for all her wife's char bors during open door...

Okay, W-01, don't woli, ok... its not you... that poor victim is from Ipoh. Poor guy. Some bastards from overseas con 9 him and cleared out his bank account...

W-01 will be getting married this Saturday... a word from this website:


williamwilstroth... Ah KONG... be a MAN liao

Greetings from William Wilstroth... (Beh Tahan... red wine, steak and notebook!)

Dear all siao cha bors and siao tah bors of Malaysia,

Since my brader had taken the lead to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in his so unique and original way (equipped red wine, homemade steak, and a notebook sumore... kanineh, how come you didn't cook for us in Ipoh!)... I just simply wish everyone Happy New Year 2009...

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 0 9

Damn 9 jeles, his brother can make such a lomantik dinner with his girlpren. Me and my wife only makan mee maggi at home and play-play facebook. So paiseh...

Anyway, you motherf*ckers out there go bang-bang (dun forget to wear helmet*) and siao-siao and have a good new year.

Yours Sincerely,

William Wilstroth

*a community service by Wilstroth to advice all two walking feets with one six inch stick (or whatever inches you have) and 2 dangling balls to have safer sex... kaneh... red wine, steak and notebook...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and New Year 2009

It's X'mas eve and what to write around? Everyone enjoying their night so do the bloggers and here some idea and imagination of what to do:

1. A pair of glass wine.
2. Red Wine.
3. Steak and fries.
4. A candle.
5. Laptop.

Here's a romantic candle-lit dinner: (LOL)
An overview of how it should be done:

Ta-dah, you have a comfortable romantic dinner at home and no more stress of waiting for your seats and paying more just to get the hype of X'mas.
Merry XMAS!

Wish everyone Happy New Year 2009!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Sushi Zanmai!

In One Utama, actually we (my girl and I) went to this restaurant long time ago but couldn't have the time to submit to the blog. Well, let me keep it short, I saw many people crowding the entrance as though as "beratur" to get a place and the queue were as long as the giraffe's neck so out of curiosity, we queue along. Here's what we ordered:

Yes, just a bowl of "BIG" ramen and some sushis. I left out some cute sushi cos' I ate before I realized I should capture some pictures.
This plate came together with the ramen. A complimentary. Unbelievably, it's fried "prawn" and some juicy rare mushrooms. Reminds of my aquarium at the apartment right now.

And more pictures just to make anyone slurpy and mouthful of saliva. GAGAGA!

Ah, and here's the name card for anyone to refer. So the question: Is it recommended?
Yes, it's highly recommended to those who savour and enjoy sushi especially those who loves food hunting. Please have a try on this if anyone stumbled across this. This might not be the ultimate choice for sushi but no harm in trying. :-)
- Sushi for X'mas anyone? LOL

Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas, xmas mood

X'mas 2008

Ah, it's X'mas mood again. The year of 2008 almost coming to an end. Every year when days coming to December, what to we see and hear? It's Santa's clause and X'mas trees!

Well, for once, let's focus on Snowman instead of Santa. We already know him but isn't adorable this snowman(Picture below)?

Just by looking at it, felt like wanted to jump onto his body. His body is made of white succulent smoothy ice standing humbly at the giant entrance of Power Ikano. Welcoming all the customer to his lovely haven. Hey, please have pity on him, he only comes out from the closet once in every year during December. Customers, don't even think of any evil plan! 'cos Santa coming to town! Ho! Ho! HO!

If X'mas coming, we shall drink! And here's something to celebrate. Hehe, I know it's too early but why not celebrate it early and celebrate again when it comes? It's brandy! Just kidding, it's water melon with tomato juice. Yummy!

And what's behind the juicy savourly drink? Let me close the curtain first, it's X'mas tree! Splendid, it is intended to place here to share with the main author of the blog. This is the mini version of the blog's X'mas tree...

And for the bigger X'mas tree:

-Wishing early X'mas!