Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I thought Kong was on news...

This morning when I read the Star online news I saw this I got a shock of my life...

the star, 2009-01-01

My immediate thought goes to Wira Yat Hoe (W-01). You see, he is getting married this weekend and when I read that title I thought the following things had happened:

1. W-01, house kena buglarized and his dowry all gone...

2. W-01, restaurant's wedding dinner kena rompak kau kau...

3. W-01, not enough money to prepare ang pau for all her wife's char bors during open door...

Okay, W-01, don't woli, ok... its not you... that poor victim is from Ipoh. Poor guy. Some bastards from overseas con 9 him and cleared out his bank account...

W-01 will be getting married this Saturday... a word from this website:


williamwilstroth... Ah KONG... be a MAN liao

Greetings from William Wilstroth... (Beh Tahan... red wine, steak and notebook!)

Dear all siao cha bors and siao tah bors of Malaysia,

Since my brader had taken the lead to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in his so unique and original way (equipped red wine, homemade steak, and a notebook sumore... kanineh, how come you didn't cook for us in Ipoh!)... I just simply wish everyone Happy New Year 2009...

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 0 9

Damn 9 jeles, his brother can make such a lomantik dinner with his girlpren. Me and my wife only makan mee maggi at home and play-play facebook. So paiseh...

Anyway, you motherf*ckers out there go bang-bang (dun forget to wear helmet*) and siao-siao and have a good new year.

Yours Sincerely,

William Wilstroth

*a community service by Wilstroth to advice all two walking feets with one six inch stick (or whatever inches you have) and 2 dangling balls to have safer sex... kaneh... red wine, steak and notebook...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and New Year 2009

It's X'mas eve and what to write around? Everyone enjoying their night so do the bloggers and here some idea and imagination of what to do:

1. A pair of glass wine.
2. Red Wine.
3. Steak and fries.
4. A candle.
5. Laptop.

Here's a romantic candle-lit dinner: (LOL)
An overview of how it should be done:

Ta-dah, you have a comfortable romantic dinner at home and no more stress of waiting for your seats and paying more just to get the hype of X'mas.
Merry XMAS!

Wish everyone Happy New Year 2009!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Sushi Zanmai!

In One Utama, actually we (my girl and I) went to this restaurant long time ago but couldn't have the time to submit to the blog. Well, let me keep it short, I saw many people crowding the entrance as though as "beratur" to get a place and the queue were as long as the giraffe's neck so out of curiosity, we queue along. Here's what we ordered:

Yes, just a bowl of "BIG" ramen and some sushis. I left out some cute sushi cos' I ate before I realized I should capture some pictures.
This plate came together with the ramen. A complimentary. Unbelievably, it's fried "prawn" and some juicy rare mushrooms. Reminds of my aquarium at the apartment right now.

And more pictures just to make anyone slurpy and mouthful of saliva. GAGAGA!

Ah, and here's the name card for anyone to refer. So the question: Is it recommended?
Yes, it's highly recommended to those who savour and enjoy sushi especially those who loves food hunting. Please have a try on this if anyone stumbled across this. This might not be the ultimate choice for sushi but no harm in trying. :-)
- Sushi for X'mas anyone? LOL

Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas, xmas mood

X'mas 2008

Ah, it's X'mas mood again. The year of 2008 almost coming to an end. Every year when days coming to December, what to we see and hear? It's Santa's clause and X'mas trees!

Well, for once, let's focus on Snowman instead of Santa. We already know him but isn't adorable this snowman(Picture below)?

Just by looking at it, felt like wanted to jump onto his body. His body is made of white succulent smoothy ice standing humbly at the giant entrance of Power Ikano. Welcoming all the customer to his lovely haven. Hey, please have pity on him, he only comes out from the closet once in every year during December. Customers, don't even think of any evil plan! 'cos Santa coming to town! Ho! Ho! HO!

If X'mas coming, we shall drink! And here's something to celebrate. Hehe, I know it's too early but why not celebrate it early and celebrate again when it comes? It's brandy! Just kidding, it's water melon with tomato juice. Yummy!

And what's behind the juicy savourly drink? Let me close the curtain first, it's X'mas tree! Splendid, it is intended to place here to share with the main author of the blog. This is the mini version of the blog's X'mas tree...

And for the bigger X'mas tree:

-Wishing early X'mas!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twisted Thoughts : The Bai - Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a man named Bai. He is a handsome man with a kind heart. So, everyone likes him very much. He lives moderately in a small house, has a good car and a loyal dog. He lives happily every day. He owns a small shop that fixed watches of old and new. He has a collection of watches for the younger ones too. In his shop there stood a great big old old grandfather clock. It will sing music whenever it strike twelve. Children will run into his shop to see the big old grandfather clock to strike twelve and listen to its melodious music.

One day, an old Ah Pek walk into his shop with a very old watch. Bai walked over to the counter to greet this old Ah Pek. "Ah pek, you are not from here. How can I help you?", asked Bai. The old Ah Pek took out a very old old watch and put it on the counter. "I need you to fix this old old watch of mine", the old Ah Pek pushed the very old old watch toward Bai. Bai took the very old old watch and began to look over it. "Ah pek, this watch very very old. Where did you buy this from? No brand and no date of make", said Bai. "Oh, this very old old watch is hand made by a very old old famous watch maker which nowadays nobody know him anymore. Please do becareful with it", explained the old msyterious Ah Pek.

"How many days do you need to fix it?", all this while the old Ah Pek never looked at him because he was facing down. However, Bai never took notice of him and was looking at the old old watch with so much interest. "I will need at least 3 working days because some of the parts might need to be bought from somewhere else", Bai explained to the old Ah Pek. "Very well, three days it shall be. But let me remind you, " the old Ah Pek now grabbing Bai's hand. "You must never fix this old old watch at twelve at night or you will never let go of this old old watch anymore. You must remember what i'd said to you!", he had made Bai so scared that he went pale. The old Ah Pek walked out of his shop and disappeared. Both of his hands now holding the old old watch. "Do not repair this clock at twelve at night", he repeats himself as he look at the old watch. This old old watch was very mesmerizing too. It's not only the weird sound of the old old watch ticking but its' intricate design that encircle the clock casing was somehow very strange too. At the same time, a cold tingling feeling ran down his back when he stared hard at its ticking hands.

Bai usually fixed his customer's watch late evening until midnight. That old Ah Pek's watch was still lay at one side at another table waiting for its turn to be repaired by Bai. It was getting late when he finally had the time to fix that old old watch. "Oh, its getting nearly to twelve. I should not fix this watch. I'll leave it till tomorrow", he switched off his table lamp, closed his shop, put the old old watch into his pocket and walked home. Walking home was always one of his best moment because he will stop by Kong's Best in Town Wan Ton Mee stall. He will order one big bowl of noodles with lots of roasted porks, wan ton prawns, and some roasted mushrooms top with the most delicious gravy.

Upon reaching home, he will call for his sandals and his loyal dog will bring it to him. He put some dog food for his dog, put the old old watch near his bedside table and went for a bath. While he was bathing, the old old watch begin to tick very loud. So loud the dog began to bark at it. "Shut up, Ah Gau!", he yelled from his bathroom. Unfortunately, his loyal dog called Ah Gau would not stop barking at all. So he dashed out with his hair still wet and took Ah Gau out of the house into his kennel outside. Then he goes in back to see why his Ah Gau was barking loudly. He looked around but could not find anything that cause his Ah Gau to behave strangely. The old old watch has since remained quiet. Not a sound and not a tick. It had stop the moment Bai came out from his shower.

william wilstroth... The Bai Story

That guy standing there...

At one point while I was returning from my shopping with my wife, I saw a person stood by the guardhouse. This person's back was facing us and had long hair and looked skinny. So I thought this must be a girl...

Mr William : Look at her... long hair, skinny and back facing us... like a ghost...
Mrs William : Where?

Mr William : Neh... by guardhouse lar...
Mrs William : Yeah meh... guy leh...

Mr William : Really?

That person turn around and the person indeed was a guy...

Mr William : Fark! Ayo... hou yan hou chey... have long hair... so 9 skinny... tiu!
Mrs William : Careful lah... if he knows lips reading... he come and yelled at you...

Mr William : So what? If he knows lips reading... I don't give 2 farks...
Mrs William : Nanti he ask his friends come main you...

Mr William : So what? Main.. main lar... I boh scared... you want front or back... huh...
Mrs William : They want back then how?

Mr William : So what? back... back lar... nah... masuk... masuk lar...
Mrs William : Hehehe... I take camera and photograph to confirm your gayness in your facebook...

Mr William : ok... ok... fark...
Mrs William : hahahaha...

william wilstroth... lame... lame... lame...

Twisted Thoughts: Facial cream

Editor : It has been many moons that I had stop creating weird stories for the Twisted Thoughts series. Now, I am going to do one because I am having a weird feeling, as usual, to write about something I saw in a pharmacy store. Here goes and enjoy the rest of it.

At a pharmacy store, 09:00 hours

A woman was inquiring about a facial cream, that has been catching the attention of the woman's population lately, if it can regenerates her skin. The pharmacist answered her with assurance that its the top of the range the manufacturer had to offer currently. The product warranted flawless skin and even eliminate dead skin in 40 days. The woman happily bought the facial cream and walked out of the store.

At a mental institution, 09:15 hours

"Doc, she's not showing stable sign but worse at each hour", the assistant informed the main psychological doctor. "We are getting more and more of this crazy cases", the doctor sighed. "Doctor, is there any cure at all?", the chief police was wondering what was the main cause of these bizarre cases. "I am suspecting something of a chemical usage that is being applied on their face. Look at their face", the doctor pointed to all those patients in the white room. The infection were raw and red patches spreads out everywhere. "It is as though the root of the disease appeared from there but I cannot confirm it until the we have a report from lab test", replied the doctor. The patient were clawing themselves, some were walking aimlessly and some just stared into blank spaces.

At a residential area just outside the city, 09:30 hours

John had a fitful sleep but his mouth still reeks of alcohol taste. "Damn, I should have less of it", he laid still with one hand searching for his wife. She was not there. He looked around. She was sitting at the dressing table. Head dropped and face covered by her hair. "Darling, you okay?", he get up a bit from the bed. His wife had remained silent and made no movement. "Hey, you okay", he got up from the bed and sat by the bed side. She made no movement at all. He touched her shoulder. That sudden touch of his triggered her senses and she turned to him with fiery red eyes. Blood began to pour out of her eye sockets. She was in a deranged fit and flung herself at her husband. She had lost her total senses. Her husband managed to got hold her both hands at the right time. She was trying to gnaw at her husband. "Fuck! Darling!", he was now so scared. and tried to hard to push off her attack. He kicked her off and ran out of the room. His wife was screaming loudly. He could heard her came running out of the room and chasing him. "Shit, the girls", he dodged into the living room as she flung herself form the stair case to the landing. She missed and crashed with a loud thud and smashed some ornaments. He made a quick detour and ran up to the girls' room from the back kitchen to the upper floor.

He opened his daughters' room. The two of them were no longer asleep. They had positioned themselves by the bedside and sat silently just like their mother. "Girls", he murmured to them. A loud thud from below awakens them. They turned their heads around. "Fuck", he legs nearly gave way but he made a quick run before they can come after him. He jumps out of the window and landed at the garden. They were everywhere. He run to his car, got in, and wind up the window. "Good morning sir", the car responded. "Eve, start the car quick", he yelled and pressed his thumb at the finger print scanner. "Scanning", Eve replied. "Quick! Quick!", John by now had really his mind blown off. His heart was racing speedily from all the shock. The car started. "Car ready". The moment the car auto locked the doors, his wife had jumped onto the car boot. He reversed immediately and swerved to the left. His wife, no longer a human, but had became of something, had bumped off from the car. He accelerated so hard the car jolted forward and went speedily to the front. There were so many of them walking at his neighborhood. Some of the dead were his good neighborhood and being eaten by their spouses. "What's wrong with these women?" he looked at them. A man was screaming for help when a group of them charged at him and push him down to the lawn. The end of him, he thought as he sped fast out of the residential area.

In a made up command base outside the mental institution, 10:00 hours

"General, these things are getting out of hand. The doctor is dead. It's spreading inside. What shall we do?", an army who had just ran out of the building and his hands was shaking. He was very afraid of the situation. "Captain! Informed the DoD we need to lock down this area. Declare state ermegency!", he grabbed his body armor, load and cock his MP5, and stared at the soldier. "Its up to us now. Let's go kick some ass!", he said to the soldier. "Are you kidding? They are many of them! No I am not going!", the soldier shook his head. Suddenly, just outside the base there are more grunting noises and more shootings. "Shit! those things are out!", the soldier murmured to the general.

At Department of Defence, 10:15 hours

Dead male officers were everywhere and only the sound of computers can be heard beeping and processing on its own. Somewhere at a level in the building there were still some survivors, now very clear those survivors were male officers, had barricaded themselves behind the supplied store. "Those women had gone crazy and start bitting everyone. Every one male, I say again, males. These things seemed to only attack male!", he was speaking to the radio that he managed to grab from one of the level while escaping the attack. "We are still lock in the supply room and we need help. Anyone out there. Please send help!", Buddy Good Junior gave his last reply before the supply room's door was crash open by the things. More gun fires and more dead bodies. They had Buddy cornered. "Oh mercy! God have mercy on me!", he committed suicide with his side pocket pistol before those things went for him.

At the manufacturing pharceautical headquarters, 10:30 hours

"You knew all along that facial product contains this serum!", one of the scientist had just went into the managing president's office, locked himself with her, and showing the tube of serum containing the deadly viral strains ELIMM-ALE. "They are out of control!", he was holding a pistol. A few of the scientist had managed to safely lock themself with the president. The president was calmly sitting by her desk. "Yes, I knew and I wanted it to be that way", she gave a smile and looked out of the window. Her office faced the great lake and the landscape of the great city beyond it. "And it had already started", she said. There were more cries and grunts just outside her office. "Now, what are we going to do? We cannot just stayed here. We need to escape!", the scientist now stood beside her. From her office, the city beyond the lake had a few black smoke bellowing out of it. A few helicopters can be seen hovering it.

"No we are staying.", the president looked back at him. "You are out of your mind!", the scientist now panic. Had he knew about this he would have stop the developement. The facial cream deemed as the best skin regenerating product but it had one live strain that can control human brain and re-constructs human DNA. One of it's objectives was to kill off male population...

Editor : Had this story been true. What do you feel the next time when your wife, girlfriend or your daughter buys a new facial cream product?

william wilstroth... elimination of male population...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a piece of my mind.

Out of blogging and enjoying the world of working. A piece of my mind blew out and it fell on this ground.

If you would like to see it, please feel free but beware it's ugly and not recommended for underage. Seriously, don't click cos' it's ugly.

[A piece dropped and flushed into the toilet].

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wifesoft Inc - Part 3

The guy felt frustrated and dissappointed with other day's response from Wifesoft Inc 1.0 so he went out shopping for the software. Along the Liao Yet Plaza, he found this flyer. Hey, I got to story tell a bit, right, just to get this final part of my story Wifesoft Inc.

Yes, that poor guy went to Liao Yet Plaza to look for software and he saw a flyer like below :

Ok, I am done wasting my precious brain cells...

I hope you have enjoy my story...

william wilstroth... come come... murah murah... beli 5 percuma 1

Wifesoft Inc - Part 2

Here's another made up response from me as Wifesoft Inc to my previous enquiry.

Customer Care Wifesoft Inc,
Wifesoft Inc,
YY Techsoft Spouse Technology Park,
YY City,
YY Country

RE : Violation of Installation Mistress 1.0

Dear valued customer,

We are happy to get feedback from you for using our software Wifesoft Inc 1.0. In regards to your enquiry, we do not manufacture Mistress 1.0 and we do not acknowledged this software usage as it conflicts with our Matrimonial Law Inspection Logic.

For your information, we are receiving complaints of corrupted software Wifesoft 1.0 when customers installed software Mistress 1.0. Wifesoft 1.0 is the core operating software, kindly to remind our valued customers, and its primary registries and secondary ROM updates occupies all your system's memory. Any illegal, unwanted, additional installation not of Wifesoft Inc will force your system to go into a black screen state.

Previously, customer may still be able to use the system after Mistress 1.0 installation but with the current new 'Black Screen' operation, we are forced to black out all user's screen. I hope that you as our valued customer will not install that software.

As of last year, we no longer provide free support Wifesoft crisis due to Mistress 1.0 installation. However, we do provide the following services :

1. Emergency Wifesoft 1.0 Resucsitation Support for a minimal fee of USD 5000.

2. Emergency Wifesoft 1.0 Separation Scheme for a minimal fee of USD 50,000.

3. Emergency Wifesoft 1.0 Black Screen Rescue for each time USD 5000.

You might want to register yourself for below Wifesoft 1.0 protection:

1. Wifesoft 1.0 Viral Protection for a minimal fee of USD 5000.

2. Wifesoft 1.0 Spywife for a minimal fee of USD 5000

It has been a pleasure serving you as our valued customer.

Yours Sincerely

Customer Care Wifesoft Inc

william wilstroth... Wifesoft response

Wifesoft Inc - Part 1

It's Sunday and I want to spend some of my brain's cell. Yes, you heard me right, I want to spend some time writing something for you guys, males with schlong.... pronounced as shhh...long.... Here you are:

(Put Your Name Here)
XX Street XX
XX City
XX Country

Customer Care Wifesoft Inc,
Wifesoft Inc
YY Techsoft Spouse Technology Park
YY City
YY Country

Dear Wifesoft Inc,

I have been using software Wife 1.0 with patches 10.9.9 for almost 5 years now. I had been following your updates and hot fixes regularly too. I am very impressed with its processor too albeit some instability in Emotion-X 1.0.0, ExpendAll 2.0.0, FoodTaste 9.9.9 and Bed-SX-Romp 3.9.1. However,
as of late i noticed some of my friends is using this so-called new Mistress 1.0 and they seemed very satisfied and happy about using it.

Hence, I would like to know if there is further updates to the current software Wife 1.0 in comparison to this new Mistress 1.0. Moreover, it would be kind of Wifesoft Inc to send me some information about this new Mistress 1.0.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

(Sign Your Name Here)

william wilstroth... wifesoft enquiry

Please don't watch too much TVB drama...

One evening at the living room watching TVB drama:

Ms Knitter : Ayo... the father come...

Mrs William : Yeah lor... marah this time...

Mr William : ** Observing them and the drama **

The drama had a few episodes about the father's daughter falling in love with a guy who is even older than the father. Furthermore, this courting old ah pek has an elder son but I am thinking his wife had passed away long time ago. Then, the episode showed the girl's father got pissed off when he found out the guy was way much older than him. He stormed off from the restaurant after a few minutes of beh tahan.

Mr William : Haiyo... if I am the father, I will go home lar... Come on lar, that ah pek is so old... older than me... If my daughter next time date a very old guy, older than me, I will get crazy too!

Mrs William : Eh, low kung... this ah pek very rich leh...

Ms Knitter : Yeah lar... very rich wan... what if your daughter marries Pak Lah...

Mr William : Ptui! Pak Lah... -____-"

Mrs William : Yeah lar... an old ah pek like Pak Lah... some more he is a PM wor... you don't prejudice old men ok?

Mr William : I am going to sleep... you girls selamat menonton!

william wilstroth... old men, young girls, wedding, young father-in-law, one word called fark

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Driving... the bad and the good...

Driving in Penang Island can be a challenge at times. I think driving in Penang is like a weather. Some days you meet some bad ass mother farkers. Some days you meet really nice courteous drivers. When I say bad ass mother farkers, these drivers are dead serious ass holes. My wife who doesn't drive at all do notice these bad drivers.

Scene 1 : Cars which doesn't stop at junctions
These drivers doesn't stop at junctions, proceed and turn without thinking of other drivers' safety. These drivers usually has large amount of return from their insurance investment. So to them it is live and let die.

Mrs William : WTF!?!?!

Scene 2 : Cars which drives at the middle of the road

These drivers seem delirious with their driving. They could not decide if they want either the left or the right lane. So being so undecided with their mind, or blurr, they decided to drive the middle lane. These drivers will clog both lanes and other drivers will have swerve left or right just to avoid them. They are so delirious that they are afraid one of the lane will smash their car.

Mrs William : Ooi! WTF... you alzheimer ar?! Masuk left... masuk lar... WTF?!?!?! Ooi!

Scene 3 : Cars which overtake near your car
These drivers normally has problem deducing how far is far when it comes to overtaking other drivers. Or, their alignment has gone way out. Or, another reason is that they have some kind of magnet that actually steers their car towards other people's car. They just cannot overtake people safely in a safe distance. Or probably they wanted people to know that their are driving one farking nice Proton Satria. I do not know, most of the time drivers who overtake me in an unsafe distance are Potong Sucktria. I don't discriminate Sucktria but most of its drivers had problem overtaking other people safely.

Mrs William : You crazy arsehole... in a hurry to get birth certificate ar?!?!?! Siao!!!

Scene 4 : Cars which speed up if you want to turn
I find this bad behavior of speed up deliberately at other turning cars incultivated among our Malaysian drivers. When they see someone puts a signal to turn, they speed up! Until today I am still trying to see the rationale behind of speeding up behind drivers who are about to turn or cross over. The only thing I can think about these drivers are selfish. I do not see a problem why one cannot slow down and let a poor bugger to turn into their lane. Let the poor bugger turn, you are not going to get to your destination faster. You might or probably still need to stop at a traffic light.

Mrs William : Eh, the farker's car got no brake ar?

Scene 5 : Cars which don't brake
Please brake if you find cars who are slow, cars who are turning, cars about to turn into your lane, cars who are turning into a junction. Is the brake that difficult to press?

Mrs William : That guy's brake gone liao... i think his spindle (ass) also loose oredy... boh control... shit directly...

Scene 6 : P drivers who think they are smart

Fark, I seem these P drivers many times. I farkingly hated them because they screwed up other drivers' safety. They will do all the dangerous and stupid stunts. I wonder how they got their P. Yeah, I can imagine their young, hot blooded and adrenaline rush after getting their P license. Damn, I am feel happy if they ever crash into one bad arse mother fucker who will rip their lungs out.

Mr William : * fark - a Myvi knock behind *
Young specky with spiky hair : * got shock *

Mr William : You! Come out!
Young specky with spiky hair : Sorry... sorry... I didn't see...

Mr William : You didn't see?! You were on the phone when I looked at the rear window.
Young specky with spiky hair : Sorry... sorry... I didn't see...

Mr William : So how now? Pay or how?
Young specky with spiky hair : Sorry... Sorry...

Mr William : Pay lar... how much you got...
Young specky with spiky hair : how much you want?

Mr William : I want 300 lar...
Young specky with spiky hair : wah ... expensive lar...

Mr William : Then don't drive and speak phone lar... so now how? You bang people wor...
Young specky with spiky hair : I know... I'm sorry... real sorry

Mr William : * Haih... koyak... thank god my bumper no scratch * OK lar... I want your phone...
Young specky with spiky hair : har?! what?!

Mr William : Next time don't speak and drive ok?
Young specky with spiky hair : ok ok... sorry sorry...

Adibah Noor's advertisement is a good reminder to all Malaysian to drive safely. Yet I think Malaysian drivers' ears and eyes are deaf and blind. Adibah Noor's advertisement should also stressed on young drivers too. Younger drivers are more reckless than adults. Adults, well, are more stubborn...

William Wilstroth... drive safely... why bother... Malaysian drivers sometime don't listen at all...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My BMW... bought with credit card

It was a moment to behold and I was so happy that I am holding a key to the car above. The sales agent was at my house. Can't you believe it? He personally sent the car to my house in Ipoh!

Mr SA : Thank you Mr Yau. Here is the car manual, spare car keys and a membership package to BMW club. Please sign here... ** pointing at the receipt **
Mr William : Wow... ok... ** Sign... sign... **

Mr SA : Ok... everything's done... I'll be going now... and enjoy your new car.... ** he left through the main door **
Mr William : woooooooooh..... !!! ** Doing the RAIN DANCE **


Mr William : Eh... wait a minute... who pay for the car??!!

However, the sales agent was no longer there. I went through the box that he gave me. I can't find the receipt anywhere. I remember I did not buy any new car at all. Who had pay for me? Then at that moment, my dad walked in with joy because he saw a new car parked next to his Livina...

Mr Snr Yau : Wow... you bought that car out there?
Mr William : Yeah...

Mr Snr Yau : Wow... my son is capable... good... very good...
Mr William : ** I was looking at the car key **

You know, the car key has the BMW insignia and I felt good. It was a very good feeling! I'd never had that kind of feeling so long since I got hold of exam results. It's strange.

Mr William : oh shit... I think I just sign the credit card bill... please don't tell me that I sign it with my credit card... oh god...

Alarm clock : teet... teet... teet... teet... teet... teet... teet... teet... teet...

** Poof **

Mr William : ** woke up **.... thank god... just a dream... otherwise how am I going to explain to Mrs William!

Thank god, it was a dream. But, it was a good dream. A real good dream. But *&*%^&$%^$^#%$@#!#$, I used my credit card to buy that car in my dream...


william wilstroth... I swipe credit card to buy BMW

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ahoy busy days...

With the coming days, the list on his hand is full:

1. Deepa coming means extra day at home.
2. After Deepa is wedding bell rings.
3. If the wedding bell rings means there's a plane to catch.

With his brain so excited, how could he sleep?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When Tong Yen drives...

One day, Tong Yen decided to drive one of the luxuriest car owned by Uncle Lim, not Genting, but Bayan Lepas. So together with Mom Ju Lee, Mr. William, JC Hensom and Uncle Lim gone for lunch in Chopper Board. During the trip back...

Tong Yen : ** Swerves to the right **...
Mr. William : Tong Yennnnnnnnnnnnnn....
JC Hensom : Aaaarggggghhhh...

Tong Yen : -.-"

Tong Yen : ** Swerves Uncle Lim's Vios to the left **...
Mr William : Tooonnnng Yeeeennnnn...
JC Hensom : Aaaarrrggghhhhh...

Tong Yen : ** started to feel annoyed **...

Tong Yen : ** Swerves Vios to the right again **...
Mr William : Tooooooooonnnnnggggg Yeeennnnnnnnnn...

Tong Yen : ><" knn... lu dua orang turun kereta!

Yeah... oh yeah... that was a good journey...

william wilstroth... of her and vios...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Days at Home

Hmm, how do I start this?

There was this call in the morning, no, not to me but to my partner. She then stood up and grabbed me out of office. "I got a funeral to attend!"

Her grandmum had passed away this morning.

"Many condolences to her."

-She left her workplace and off she went to the funeral.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bloody busy

Happy "Hari Raya" to all folks out there who celebrate this happy event. The co-author cheers to everyone. He's so happy cos' he got HOLIDAYS! Hiip - hip - horrrayyyy!

Though, happy not for long, as soon as he came back for work. The Raya week had come and gone with the wind. In the flicker of the eyes, his body and soul is back in the Company.

"Aduih, whole bunch of work stack upon his desk!" The co-author narrated his story to his lovely audience.

He sat on the table and thought of his eventful story during the raya...

"Ladies and gentleman, behold the trilogy of the Raya vacation of the co-author"

"Rolling into the blog in October 2009!"

"Reach your nearest internet spot and don't get left out..."

The co-author looked next to him and his girlfriend put her palm on his forehead.

"Oi, you dah sakit ka? No fever also!"

- Coming to your newsletter "Raya Vacation Thrill 2009"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Smile... Say Cheese!... You are a Koo Koo Kai

A girl at the street who smiles at you, if you are a guy, can mean a few things. First, you are handsome and she smiles at you. Second, she is a sales girl trying to sell you something so by giving you the first smile. Third, she smiles at you because she's got nothing to do. Nah, the third option is impossible. Fourth, she's a hooker and she is smilling at you. Sounds inviting right? Yes, these are some of the things that men like us will look forward to especially from a beautiful girl on the street. Yes, you are very right. Here's why I said it's right. My wife and I were turning out from Gurney's parking into the main street one late night:

Mr William : * swerves into the main street exiting Gurney Plaza *
Mrs William : Low kung... careful ar... SYLL standing very near the road...

Mr William : ok... * slows down SLK *
SYLL standing by the road: * gave her best sweet smile to us *

Mrs William : Wah, she smile so sweet... must be a koo koo kai...
Mr William : huh? what the... ?!?! sure boh????

Mrs William : yeah lar... if not... why she stand by the roadside and smile at us leh...??
Mr William : aiya, maybe she's not smiling at us leh... there are so many people out there...

Mrs William : How many people wor... its late oredy... 12 pm niah...
Mr William : Yeah hor...

Mrs William : so... she must be koo koo kai lar...
Mr William : she is so pretty... so fair and lovely... ayo, waiting for boypren lar... some more... she is standing next to a big car... Toyota somemore... si umm si jadi koo koo kai ah?

Mrs William : Aiya... that car can belong to a sugar daddy mar...
Mr William : Ok ok... you win... you want me to gostan and get her number for you? or facebook?

Mrs William : * Whack! Whack! * go home!
Mr William : ok ok...

Is sky the limit... smile cheese!! you are koo koo kai!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anger frust!

Getting a personal line broadband is indeed an exciting marvellous event to have but when it comes to setting up multiple connections for one single line. It's frustrating especially with Streamyx provided modem model DB102 manufactured by Riger. Some said maybe it's only worth RM10. At first I don't believe but as I tried to set it up as router than I found it really unworthy.

Back in few years when this modem was provided it didn't even support routing. It's only for bridging meaning one-to-one connection in Layman's term. However, the new modem that I obtained was the upgraded with routing supported. I followed the instruction provided in such a way:

1) Click on smartconfig.
2) Set up your username and password.
3) Click commit and restart modem.

As soon as I clicked commit and restart modem. The modem did response by constant flicker at the Data light. While my laptop don't even have any line and browser said "You're offline, idiot!". Perhaps, it is due to the switch that I used? I'm using Aztech 8-port switch which doesn't have any options to set. I guess someone out there might help me in this? Maybe I'm still lack of technical skill to set it up.

Anyway, everytime I off the modem and restart it, the line takes some long time blinking before it stabilize.

I tried configure here and there for more than two days but in vain. Alas, I got fed-up. I got a few options:

1) Get a new router+modem with 4 ports.
2) Just get a new router+modem with single port.
3) Throw the modem back to TMnet and demand a new one+configured for routing.

"GRRR#$%^, what's wrong with this modem and switch? Can't they work happily together?

-It's annoying when you can't setup something when you know how to do it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today, the co-author went to Berjaya Time Square with his life partner to enquire about the mysterious U-Mobile broadband bill that arrived in the mail box a few weeks earlier. It was supposed to be free as he returned the broadband before the promotion ends so they promised no billing for that.

As soon as he reached the counter he thought the small fee was to activate the line so he ready his wallet. Then the counter lady checked on it and smiled to him.

"Well, you returned your broadband in that time period so you don't have to pay!" U-Mobile Lady said as she smiled gleefully.

"Oh that was a relief! You know what? My wallet is almost empty.. see" He showed her the wallet.

(The last line was fictional.)

The real situation:

"Oh I see, so what happen if the bill arrive again?" I asked

"Just ignore it! Don't worry, I already issue a file for your case. It's just a billing error. We recently having error with the billing system." She smiled again.

So that's the end of the U-Mobile. What a big relieved!

Then we went to Pavilion to hunt for JCO!

And at the end, we found it! In comparison, IMHO, in my personal taste, I felt JCO was much better and highly recommended! HEHEHE!

Here's the proof: (Sorry, I ate the donuts there and they don't allow camera over there so no donuts picture.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why not up yet? Cannot masuk...

It's one of those days when your wife suddenly felt like asking, not felt, but want to ask you a lot of questions. Many questions. You are lazy to answer her but you are forced to do so because she is your wife. If only your brain is an encyclopaedia then all her questions you will answer without any difficulty. Every man's wish but every man's sadness too. One day my wife unable to surf the Internet...

Mrs William : Honey, the browser cannot display the website... can you help me here?
Mr William : * Passing by to the toilet *... wait...

Mrs William : * click... click... * argh... damn... Internet... honey... quick... quick...

Mr William : ok... let me see...

Mrs William : I kept on re-start the modem... it just won't go on... why? My computer got virus ar?
Mr William : * checking *... couldn't be... I'd just ran the AVG and cleared out a lot of things...

Mrs William : Then why cannot go up wan???... Did you accidentally deleted anything?... like some important files ka... or software...?
Mr William : * Getting annoyed *... no lar, dear...

Mrs William : Ayo... morning without my Facebook... beh syok lar... why lar, dear... sure you boh deleted any files yesterday ar??
Mr William : * Getting really annoyed *... no.

Mrs William : Then what happened to the Internet?
Mr William : * Beh tahan *... must be the heavy rain outside...

Mrs William : What?! Heavy rain can affect the Internet wan ka? I thought nowadays broadband is so efficient. We got satellites over us... data can transfer fast fast and no lag mar... Why so inefficient wan? Some more, if rain, lagi best lar... water is good electricity conductor mar... data can travel through electricity mar...
Mr William : * Data-can-travel-through-electricity?! *... ok ok hold on... i call Jiao Cum...

Mr William : * Flips out his 3.5G HTC Touch Dual (AH BAI... hear this!) *... Oi... Jiao Cum... apa macam?! tak boleh naik punya... aku boleh naik dalam 1 saat.... apa bikin lu punya tak boleh naik?... istri aku komplen boh syok sebab tak dapat masuk... dan kadang kala putus-putus... banyak potong stim... dah masuk tapi cepat turun... mana syok...???!!!
Jia Cum : Sorry sir... memang tak boleh masuk skrang... sebab ia dah down...

Mr William : Apa KNNCCB lu cakap tak boleh naik?... kanasai...!
Jia Cum : Sir... engineer kita sedang cuba memperbaikinya... sila cuba naik dan masuk dalam 15 minit lagi...

Mr William : kanasai... kena tunggu lagi ar? Istriku dah boring tunggu nie...
Jia Cum : Sorry sir... they are doing their best... to up...

Mr William : ok ok... cepat naik ar... nanti aku komplen lagi... komplen sampai naik...
Jia Cum : Sorry sir...

Mrs William : How darling... can ar??
Mr William : Broadband down liao...

Mrs William : Arghhhhhh!!!!... I hate it...!

The most surprising thing is not about her complaining unable to access the Internet but her wide IT knowledge that data travel to electricity. Is it possible? Let me give you this link:

Mr William : By the way, where did you learn that data travelled by electricity?
Mrs William : Why? I'm wrong ar? Not by electricity meh?

Mr William : Err... yes, potentially and in research maybe... but your device over here is not electrical plug... its through a certain special spectrum of radio wave that is made capable by this device here... it will be able transmit data in a hotspot provided by Jia Cum...
Mrs William : eh leh... you want me to believe you ar? Your own ABAP also not kau tim... leave me alone... ah! can go up oredy!

Mr William : -_-"""... * I feel like crying *

william wilstroth... whatever... just naik... and masuk...

Monday, August 25, 2008

CONVOCATION 2008: Part 1

The Time Has Arrived. Here are some of the pictures taken after the convocation. It was a rough day with many families, relatives, by-passers and even strangers from far away land. Vehicles and guards were everywhere as typical as any convocation event in Malaysia. Below are only a portions of the convocation pictures and more will be include in the next part.

~ Part 1 Pictures ~

Mr. Chan and Mr. Jeff
Miss Ina, Mr. Jeff and Miss Nurhidayah

Mr. Jeff, Miss Mala and Miss Nurhidayah (On the phone)

Mr. Jeff and Miss New

Mr. Biduk and Mr. Jeff
The End of Part 1.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ah... Ipoh

The co-author sat down in front of his 'beloved' laptop with a cup of lovely vodka (just imaginative) entertaining himself with loads of free information travelling with 1.0 Mbps. He wondered how much time left for him to have such a relaxing time while his phone next to him ready to call or be called by anyone in Ipoh. He had fought so much for last four years that he don't even remember to jot down the moment when he finished his thesis and his industrial training. And also found his other part of life.

And now, here he is, waiting for the convocation and then to worklife. There he goes. What would happen next?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Convocation Image

Convocation photo had been snapped today and selection will be done on Monday. I'm sure some or maybe little would be interested in how I looks like with the mortar board and the robe. Well, don't sweat, I doesn't looks like Harry Porter. Just a bit like Jack Sparrow. Hehe. Just kidding, I looks like just another academician. Something similar to my fraternal sibling...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Convocation : Big Day

"Ladies and Gentleman, please come forward and close to me, I'm making an announcement to folks far and beyond, preferable stick your ears to my mic..."

The 7th Convocation of UTHM will be held in the 23th, 24th and 25th of August.

Mine will be one of those days so anyone who would like to support me, please feel free to come and even if you're not free, just drop in a bunch of roses or a big, huge teddy bear will be acceptable. Hehehe. Just kidding.

That's all folk, cheerious and happy convocation to those graduated!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Modified Apartment : V2.0

Here's the new item that I installed in the K.L. Apartment. Below are some pictures taken:

The New Refrigerator: Panasonic

The Interior

-Now I can have more supplies in the apartment.

The Return Of Crude Hasting

As the wind stopped blowing and the sun shone upon the green mountain, a car passed by the highway with 110 km/hr with the car plate number: "A** 628*". The co-writer was in the car with his pal, CKF. Both were laughing and smilling in the car as they drove passed by some humongous mountain.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I'm back with new experience and I just received my invitation to my convo!! I'm YOUR BIG MAN!!!" He shouted to the people of Ipoh through the windscreen in the car.

"Oi, kerja sampai gila?" CKF asked excitingly as it's holi-holiday for both of us and as well those after "Industrial Training 2008" program.

-Many things to do in ahead... The future awaits us..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Car's brake is useless in Penang...

First of all, I believe that car manufacturers should not provide braking mechanism to some Penang motor drivers. Brake is an important mechanism in all modes of transports. Brake can help drivers to slow down their vehicle and stopping it from hitting other people. Without brake, you will crash into trees, knock down people, bang into other drivers and can kill the driver too. Well, killing that irresponsible driver is a good thing too. Why? Lesser an irresponsible driver lesser road accidents.

Most Penang drivers are rude and driving courtesy appears null at all times on the road. For more than six months on Penang road I have yet to see a polite driver allowing another car to pass or turn before their turn. I see this in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. Penang island is a small island, not as big as Singapore, but the driving courtesy is zero. Zero. Penang drivers speed like there's no tomorrow. Penang drivers cut people's lane without even turning to say "Excuse Me". I believe Lim Guan Eng should come out with a campaign called 'Good Penang Driving Courtesy'.

Sometimes when I see car accidents in Penang my mind will say this, "with Penang's driver kind of attitude... accidents are inevitable" Can Penang drivers slow down and drive at a decent speed, can't they? From my observation, I dare to say NO. They won't slow down. If they see a car about to turn into their lane, they will accelerate. If they see you are slow, they tried to overtake you even though an oncoming car from the opposite is near. If they see a STOP sign, they do not bother to press the brake. Now, this enforce my belief that car manufacturers should save their manufacturing cost by removing the brake pads, brake fluids, and brake pedal for this crazy drivers. Let them just speed and knock themselves out.

With the brake remove, everyone is happy. I am very sure, the insurance policy sellers will have a good day coming out with new policies to sell. Car manufacturers can earn profit. Government will have less irresponsible drivers to think about. Funeral parlors will have more businesses. Hospital can earn more for the car accident's treatment and the list goes on. Sometimes, Penang drivers make me feel angry because they just don't drive with their brains. Penang island is a small state and roads are narrower too. Narrower roads meaning you have to be extra careful in driving your car.

I like living in Penang but driving in Penang is hazardous. To those Penangites who think they can drive like a Wild Wild West... should also think about the consequences when you hit someone. When you hit someone, semua muka menjadi masam...

william wilstroth... crazy Penang drivers...

Weekend comes... there are many fuckers out there...

It's Friday weekend finally, the best day of any week for everyone. It also mean you can just leave your work load behind and go do your most favourite activity. Some might go to pub and get drunk like there's no tomorrow. Some might go to have dinner and watch a movie with their other half. Some might go surf the Internet amidst the 9 hours at office. Some might do something silly and foolish things. Friday is always a good day to start relaxing. Some might still grudge over their misfortunate fate that befalls onto them. I think I know one incident.

At a small stall that sells those blings blings at the Gurney Plaza opposite the GSC cinema:

Wife : How much is this necklace?
Fuck up Sales kid : RM 10.00

Wife : Got discount for this necklace?
Fuck up Sales kid : Aiya... you girls working in office... RM10 also kenot pay meh... you all working to earn so much money ... sit office... blah blah... blah blah...

Me : Fuck you fucker! With your bloody attitude... no wonder you are standing here selling this kind of downgraded blings blings... why don't you go find a women's lavatory and shove your farking head down it... a young man like you sell woman's bling bling... why don't you wake up and see around you... fuck you! fuck you!

Kind of a good Friday you think? To me yes, its a kind of letting off steam after a long week of sitting by the cubicle just programming.

william wilstroth... a young man with a brain by the butt...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Abusing Spongebob...

One unfortunate day, Spongebob was seated between two guys. The guys started to make a move on him. His owner was not aware of what was happening in the passenger seat...

william wilstroth... poor poor Spongebob...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oil, Rice and is up and going up...

I had been staying in Penang for more than six months now. To be honest, I am very lucky that I am working in Penang because of a few things.

First, I do not have to pay tolls everytime I need to go shopping in KL. Last time, I lived in Damansara and my first toll is the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) if I need to go to 1 Utama, The Curve, GSC Cineleisure, Ikea, and Ikano. Hell, if I need to go to Kelana Jaya or SS2 for food.

Second, I do not have to pay tolls everytime I am going to work in Phileo Damansara. Or being assign to projects in far far away location which requires me to pass many tolls. Am I being paid to pay tolls if I am working in KL? This question, I am sure is in everyone's mind. There's too many tolls to pay just to get from one place to another place.

Third, I do not have to pay exorbitantly highly charge parking spots in KL. The minimal parking fee can be as low as RM4 and it may go as high as RM10. Worse, RM2 per hour! Parking and toll add together that for a day, your wallet should be thick enough to go through it. What's more for someone who earns less or earning a meagre salary.

Fourth, I do not have to wait up for hours in traffic jams especially in KL and PJ. It gets worse if its either rains heavily or motor accidents. Apart from these two contributors, I particularly fretted when the LDP highway gets clogged up for no apparent reasons. Yes, the highway is straight but somehow, it is always clogged up. Cars driving tail to tail and crawling slowly to their destinations.

Fifth, I am happy I am in Penang. I do not have to pay toll to do shopping. I do not have to pay for a parking to get to my office. I do not have to get stuck in a terrifying jam. As a result, I reach home in time for dinner (less gastric pain) and I get to spend time with my wife. Though parking fee is claimable but I don't see a point why I need to pay so much and then wait for the claim to come by next month. I think paying a hefty parking fee just to work in office is a waste of money.

So, in one big word, I am glad that I am in Penang because the recent petrol price increase and several groceries items price hike. Oh boy, cari makan is getting difficult nowadays.

william wilstroth... pay... pay... pay... salary still low!

Enter the new age...

After nearly four years of Is Sky The Limit (ISTL), I'd finally decided to make a permanent personal blog which will be, something that I do not have to think ahead of what I need to post, more of 'let-this-blog-be-and-I-can-post-at-anytime'. The last 3 sagas were quite un-orderly planned which I also include a few stories under titles 'Twisted Thoughts' apart from daily entries.

Although now those last 3 blogs are the past, those 'Twisted Thoughts' series are continueing as usual when I find time, ideas or bizzare imaginations. I seriously loved my 'Twisted Thoughts' series because it allowed me to express my ideas freely. I just hoped you will love it as much as I do and keep on coming back for more of it. Apart from contributing 'Twisted Thoughts', sometimes I also do some stories for Crude Hastings. Ah, speaking of Crude Hastings, he will be back as usual with his postings. So far, he has been quite busy with his new work which had taken a lot of his time. Thus, we just hope he will have time for blogging and let out his many of his daily activities.

William Wilstroth is me and my other what people term as alter ego or just nick name. I had pick this nick name many years ago and dated back to the 1993. I was still a boy, yes, a boy who thinks too much and loves day dreaming. Games particularly related to books and primitive consoles like Nintendo. Who ever remember that old square gray Nintendo? Who would ask for more when at that time Nintendo rules and Playstation is still in the mind of its creator. I grew up on Sega, Nintendo, discman (not Ipod) and a few other stuffs now no longer can be found in IT stores.

As it is, I still compared myself with teenagers today, just one thing, that is having a mobile phone. What the heck, right? I don't own one during my secondary years. Yeah, life still goes on and I am missing those feelings.

william wilstroth... new... new... new...