Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being 30 and beyond... up, up and away...

Got 30-ed last Monday and good bye my 20s, any difference? Well, as a 30 year old guy, I should be acting and thinking more mature and be a wiser person. Who has eaten more salt than me? Anyway, Happy Birthday to myself for reaching 30. A milestone of 30 years living on this planet, seeing anything that I can see, eating anything that I can eat, or driven any car that I could drive except for those millions of Ringgit car or screwed any girls that I can screw. Bah, I am already 30, what is more scarier than those number keep going up like no one on earth will care? Well, there are many things that is going up and you better start sweating on it. For example,  blood pressure going up, cholesterol going up, tax rates going up, loan rates going up, your PTPTN rates going up (who knows in the next 5 years, gomen say no money),... ,and worse case, petrol price going up!

As a thirty year old guy, married with one wife, drives a City, planning to buy a house and earning a meager income, I can tell you three(3) things that normally won't go up or rather going up very, very slowly like you are begging for it:
1. Your salary will not go up as fast as you hope but it will go up in due time... due time. Just g.r.a.d.u.a.l.l.y going up by a small pity percentage the company can give you. 
2. Your saving account interest rate, it work the same like point 1. You save as much as you like but interest rate won't go, speed, up like there's no tomorrow. As we all put it, "Bank pun mau makan lar!". 
3. For guys, this is very crucial, it is their lanciao (as my wife puts it), goes down as your age goes up. Pray that day, you won't be needing the blue pill. God bless you!

Yes, those are the three things that either go slowly up (can be going down too) or you have to do something to ensure it goes up all the way; and maintained it that way. Other than these three sinking items, everything will go up without you stopping it. For a very good example, your weekly petrol consumption; the gomen says up, you will see a long stretch of idiots queuing up at the petrol station hoping that last fill of petrol will last their mileage longer... some hopeful, it can be forever. Idiots! 

The other day, a colleague of mine asked how was i feeling about being hitting 30,

Uncle Peep : So how's life at 30 today?
Me : Normal, what is there to expect? I still need to do work...

Uncle Peep : Didn't do anything special?
Me : I've been doing the same thing every day for the last 30 years, probably another 30 to reach retirement and go home jadi petani.

Uncle Peep : Hahahaha... but your 30th birthday wish come true right?
Me : My 30th birthday wish come true?! Oh yeah right... let me see, I own a red Ferrari, a bungalow with 2 swimming pools, a supermodel as a mistress, and what's more... I own a jet to fly me to work. Lastly, I'm still working for someone to get my pay check. Good eh?

Uncle Peep : Hahahaha... keep it cool, young man...
Me : Young? another 20 years, I'll be like you... Come, we pray together to god to give us one nice sugar mommy!

Damn... I let you know if I strike gold at my age of 30! I hope so! Dear god dot dot dot...

williamwilstroth... buy 3d, buy Magnum, buy 4d, scratch lotto... esok jadi kaya! MIMPI lar!