Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Malaysia on the table of a Mamak Stall.

Malaysia in general, is everything on a table of a mamak stall. There's the talk on the General Election GE13, sports, numbers and other stuffs to go through the night over several cups of teh tariks. Not to mention, the prices had gone up considerably over time since I last had one glass of teh tarik four months ago. It still taste as sweet as before.

1. The 13th General Election had gone by, with some certain quarters not liking how the result had came out. Several rallies had been staged and the opposing parties is bringing the results to court for unfairness and so on. I don't blamed them because the numbers tallied doesn't really on par with the number of parliament seats that were allocated. My Facebook's page were fully busted with so many postings of unfairness and cheating here and there by people who were monitoring the election. I can only sit back and wait. So, I am going to see, down the road, which party will earn the most honor points in the next five years. Both parties will fall under heavy scrutiny by the rakyat. 

2. Dinner event, I was chosen to represent my department and I was put in-charge with setting up banners, streamers, logos and last minute, a video or animation; supposedly to depict the company's historical growth. Banners, streamers and logos were as easy as it is but the animation was not so because i had lost touch with Director. It took me two days to re-familiarize with the software. Guess what? Macromedia Director is the 90s, ADOBE Director 12 is the "now" software. Though it was bought over by ADOBE, the functionality like sprites and Lingo Scripts stays. The animation went smooth despite the audio was a little bit jerky. 

3. My girlfriend is busy engrossing herself with cooking vegetarian food. She bought a nice and thick vegetarian cook book. It has at least 400 types of menu in it; and all is vegetables and other tofus. I had been having vegetarian food for lunch and dinner. I missed pork, beef, chicken and fish. One of these days, I will need to buy back some fish and chicken to eat. Not to mention, roasted pork. I always say, "A Chinese menu is not Chinese until the roasted pork comes in and sit on the table.". There you go, my diet for the past three months. Vegetarian, aye. And nay, I still eat some pork and fish once in a while to even out my diet. 

4. My gig on animation with Director lasted for two weeks only. Now I am back doing my usual stuff in the office. Development and troubleshooting SAP stuffs. It is still as challenging and interesting as animating some graphics with Director and edited using Photoshop. The company dinner won't come for another two years. Now here's the interesting part of the story, if you are new to the company, there is high chances you will be pick to participate in organizing the event. Furthermore, if you are from IT dept, you are most likely expected to prepare stuffs that is related to IT like design using softwares or multimedia presentation. However, all these could be sourced out to a designer house, but time given, if it is short period, you will need to roll up your sleeve and do the heavy work. Tough luck, I should've told them I am not good at multimedia design. Anyway, it's done and past. I feel relieved and at home I feel like a free man because I don't have to do extra job on the photo editing and going over again the animation sprites.

Beer, cigars and sex are man's biggest sin... I only have the first and the last; not the middle one. Go figure...

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