Friday, April 30, 2010

Lifes' hard

You woke up 7.00 am,
Hoping to see a better world,
Yet it just an everyday,
Like it was yesterday.

You go to work,
Hoping to see a better day,
Yet you still work,
Like it was a bit of yesterday.

Life is hard,
Easy only for a while,
With the existence of computers,
You became non existence of a little bit.

But for me who programs,
It's a bit of difference than those,
Who use computers in their life,
I need to automate those computers.

Life is hard,
Money grows slow,
Life is fast,
Money grows slower.

People are tougher,
Society is bigger,
World is flatter,
Ain't life hard?

williamwilstroth... hard life... tough society...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hamsap burung tua (Sing to Burung Kakak Tua tunes)

Hamsap burung tua, 
Suka tengok pompuan,
Hamsap burung tua,
Keluarnya satu batang...

Hamsap, Hisap, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap, Goncang, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap, Celup, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap burung tua...


williamwilstroth... hamsap burung tua...