Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear diary...

Dear diary,

I am feeling happy and excited because I bought my wife a new iPhone 3GS and I am looking forward to using and playing with it everyday. However, I have yet another feeling that I can only use it at night or only after I come home from work. That iPhone makes me want to go out to get another one. Perhaps I will not buy it but plan of buying some other things from Apple. The iPhone 3GS really gives me a whole new environment to using a mobile phone. It is the feeling that I unable to get it using other phones like SONY, NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG, and HTC. As a matter of fact, I am using a year (very) old HTC model but I am not really into mobile phone. Unfortunately, iPhone 3GS is very different as I can be playing games, texting, listening to music and surfing my Facebook. All in one package as they said it and yes i admitted the fact Apple did a good job in the iPhone department. So diary, please, and please ... don't make me go to iTunes. I just spent RM10.00 buying a game for my wife! Booo ho ho ho ho ho... sob! sob! sob!

Oh geeze... that's gay... I am not going to write my blog like that anymore. Fark... Kanineh... just like a girl writing her feelings out in her diary... I am really emotionally disturbed by Apple... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

williamwilstroth... iPhone, diary, feelings and gay exclusively... argh!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where? I don't see the person...?!

Mrs William took a photo recently that caught my attention and I went to talk to her about it. The photo was taken while I was dozing off in the afternoon. My guess is something spooky had happened and she wanted to take proof of it just like Paranormal Activities movie. That movie was scary and everything was acted and recorded using hand held camera on a tripod while the couple (actors and actress) went to sleep. Anyway, I won't go further on that movie. Let us take a look at what my wife took that afternoon...

what do you see...?

Mr William : why did you take this shot?
Mrs William : don't you see anything in it?

Mr William : huh?! where? where?...
Mrs William : it's in there... look closer?

Mr William : ** heart beat fast fast liao ** where? where... I don't see anything but your notebook...!
Mrs William : there's a person there... look closer...

Fark, I was freaking out when she said that there was a person in the picture so she took it. I thought of her late mother. Oh god! So let's take another look at the picture and see if you can see anyone in it...

Don't you see anything, do you?

Mrs William : It's there! Just look closer...
Mr William : Where?! Where?! ** Gulp **

Mrs William : It's THERE!!!
Mr William : ooh ... shit.... I see him... he's there... Oh MY GOD!!! I will take this camera!!!

Scroll down and I will show you where is it...

---------------> Scroll down sumore...

----------------------> Scroll down sumore... but be prepared...

----------------------------------------> Scroll down sumore... are you sure...? don't pengsan.... ok?


Scary or not?! Scary leh... damn, I freak out!

Hahahahahahahahaha.... nah, that notebook picture, my wife took it, to tell me that there's something for me to change in the picture. If you understand what my wife meant or if you have been following my facebook these few days after I purchased a new iPod Shuffle.

williamwilstroth... Ah Bai... and my wife's nothing to do...

Something nice and cute...

At one bakery store in Gurney Plaza, it is selling some very nice, cute and small bread baked like ice-cream. The moment I saw it, I told my wife, I wanted to buy a few of it. It was very cute and I took a few home. "Are you girl?," was what my wife asked when she saw my happy face at the counter paying for those little cute breads. I admit that I am sucker for cute stuffs. ;P

One boxful of bread on sticks!

Red bean flavor!

Almond chip chocolate flavor!

Vanilla flavor!

Mrs William : Are you done?
Mr William : Wait... a little bit more... ** click **

Mrs William : ...
Mr William : One more... one more... ** click **

Mrs William : ** Immediately grabs one! **
Mr William : Ooi!

williamwilstroth... bread on sticks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Muffins... only!

This entry, I should have, published last year in December after I had it in my stomache. Queensbay Mall last year around November had opened a new small store that sells just muffins. The store is also called "Just Muffins". It sells a variety of small muffins with lots of flavours range from strawberry to almond chocolate muffins. One small piece cost only RM1.80. Last year I bought a box of four "Just Muffins" muffins.

ooh... looks good eh?

choc filled, hazelnut choc, almond choc, and blueberry muffins... yum! yum!

Mrs William : Are you going to eat everything yourself?
Mr William : hehehehe...

Mrs William : Can I take one?
Mr William : ok... which one you want?

Mrs William : I want almond choc...
Mr William : errr... I like that also...

Mrs William : ok I take hazelnut choc...
Mr William : hmmm... that looks good too also...

Mrs William : Then i take the blueberry muffin...
Mr William : err... but blueberry is my favorite...!

Mrs William : Ok I take the chocolate filled muffin...
Mr William : ... : (... I like that too...

Mrs William : -___-"... are you a girl?
Mr William : hehehehe... let me go home take photo first ok?

williamwilstroth... Just Muffins...

Running with iPod Shuffle...Finally!

After my first run for 2010 in Kuala Lumpur's Pacesetter Padang Merbuk, I have been in deep thoughts to get my own MP3 player. Although I had my several runs, I find running with an MP3 I feel much better like there's voice to accompany you. Hard to describe the feeling. That day during the run, I had borrowed my wife's one and I had been warned not to change her song list. So, I had to make do my run with her songs and not mine! Though her songs are quite nice to listen but some of it is not so suitable for running. So, here you are I finally bought my own first MP3 player and it is an iPod Shuffle! (yeah, have to thanks those guys who keep psycho-ing me to buy it! I am sure you know who you are!)


iPod Shuffle in the package:
1. iPod Shuffle 4 GB with Voiceover Feedback on your playlist and song information
2. USB cable
3. Ear phone
4. Two Apple stickers

Cost : RM 299 only from Switch, Queensbay Penang.

williamwilstroth... iPod Shuffle 4GB

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Chinese New Year - 大日子

Another movie to look forward during this coming Chinese New Year 2010. Royce, Lam Tuck Wing, Gan Mei Yan and several local artiste will be starring in a new movie called 大日子. Here's a preview that you can watch from youtube. Coming soon to your nearby cinemas!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy, 2010!

williamwilstroth... 大日子

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Labuan's Kolo Mee By Ah Teck...

Labuan is where my wife grew up and left after she got an offer from Adventist Hospital to be a nurse. Since I married her in 2007 I have been visiting Labuan every end of the year. Recently I went back to Labuan for a visit. Things a bit different now for us since my late mother in law passed away last year around March. However, there is something my wife and me still look up to when we go back to Labuan. Among many other things is kolo mee. Kolo mee is a plate of thin yellow noodles (using wan tan mein) blanched with Ah Teck's recipe of soy sauce and served with thin slices of pork and garnished with chopped onions. 

There are a few types of kolo mee at our eastern side of Malaysia especially in Sarawak. You can get green kolo mee and red kolo mee. I think there are more colors in Sarawak. Anyway, this is one dish of noodles I will look forward if I go back to Labuan. I even had my bro-in-law tapao 2 packs of kolo mee back to West Malaysia. I wish I could eat it in Air Asia. Kolo Mee in the air, who knows?!

 Yup, tapao 2 kolo mee and fly back to West Malaysia

williamwilstroth... kolo mee from Labuan

Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES

Since last year I had been planning to change my Reebok's shoe lace but I was lazy. So 2010 came and I made myself to change a new shoe lace. Hence, I found Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES. It is part of Nike's campaign to help fight AIDS in Africa. Now, my Reebok shoe has finally gotten a new face lift with its sexy red shoe lace from Nike.


williamwilstroth... Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES