Saturday, February 21, 2009

Burn after Reading

I'm going to review a movie on: Burn after Reading by George Clooney and also on the list of casting, Brad Pitt.

One big word to summary it: Suck. Additional of "Big". Add two together, you'll get "Big Suck!"

I think the movie should be burn after "watching" instead of reading. I wonder how could one story get to the movie without any plots or real substance in it. This is the perfect movie where I believed there's no plot and no substance. It's a movie like "Okay, let's do something without papers, and call all the actors to act on something without any plot in it!"

Okay, straight to point, at the end of the movie: All the actors supposely to be even main actors dead!. The end.

Starting was like you see one male character got fired then at another scene a girl wanting to get surgery. See how's both linked together? It's like okay, let's put two scene together and confuse the audience. This male character suddenly wants to be a writer who pasts were some secret agent. Then go to another scene... Garrr... It's like random movie scene that cause you more confusion, headache and vomit.

Then, the scene got too bored and the director decided to put some adult jokes into it! You would actually see some adult dolls, adult lame jokes which the censorship board tried to delete it but partially slipping it because if everything were cut and censored. Then we will be actually paying the movie for some crap random monotonous clips worse than watching something that is not original.

Gasp. In the even end of it, you will notice a man says "So what do we learn from this?"

End. Credits.

... What the? So do we learn that not to simply go to cinema before we try to research/learn what the hell this movie about? I think this movie teaches us to read the synopsis on the internet or the newspaper before you choose some random movies on your boring day! That's why read before watching!.. oops, burn after watching.. again, sorry, burn after reading!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Favourite... Sell Medicine...

william wilstroth... selling medicine... damn farni!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Zhi Sang Zhi Mit"

Kam yat William kor kor tung lei dei tai kar kong kwong-tung wah. Soh yi, kam yat keh tai muk hai "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit". Ang-moh keh yi si hai, "Self Live Self Consumed". Hou tit lei kong chau hai, "Wah Zhi Lei Sei". Hou tor si keh, kor tei seng yat tou kin-tou hou-tor hou-tor fun cheong. Tan hai, kor tit chau mou wah si si tou kin-tou. Hai ku lar, lei yat-yat tou kin-tou, lei tim yung leh?

"Zhi Sang Zhi Mit" ee kor tui pak hou yung yi yung keh. Kah-yi, lei hou chun-yi pong yan tan hai hoi tei um-tiu-9-lei; yat hai zhau um-tenk-lei-kong; tung mai hou zhun yi man-lei man-hai tan-hai yau um-sun-lei; yau hor yi hui woi tiu-9-lei; lei zhau hor yi kong "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit". Soh yi, tai kar, yee tou kam-yung keh sor-kong keh cheng-fon lei zhau hor yi kong ngor kam-yat kei zhi-tai-muk, "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit".

Kei-sat leh, ngor hai hou zhung yi pong ngor keh pang-yau. Tan hai, yau yat tit leh zhau cheng-tou leh hou-lan tu-lan. Lei kin-tou hoi, lei zhau woi zhok-ngau, tau-wan, ting-sum-fai, tum mai mou-wai-hau sik-fan. Tah-fei-kei tou mou-lek. Tan hai lei tim hor-yi chou leh? Ngor yat 7 yat tou man ngor chi kee tung-yat-kor mun hai, "Tim yung hou leh?". Zhi Sang Zhi Mit lor... mou tak kai wor...

"Zhi Sang Zhi Mit" kei sat hai yat khor hou-hou keh him kou. Kam yat ngor tung ngor keh low-poh-chai keng kai. Ngor chau tung hoi kong ngor keh mun hai. Hoi chau wah, ee kor sai kai, yau hou-tou hou-tou kor tit um tang sai keh yang. Yau lai-yi, kor tit yang, hoi tei sing yat kok tat chi kee hou pah pai, tum mai um-hue ying tai wai keh. Lei kong hoi tou um tak keh. Kam leh mei tung chi kee kong, "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit" lor. Um sai lou hei keh, low-kong. Lei tou hai wan leong chan jek mar. Um sai tung yan sap hei keh. Lei zhou hou chi kei keh yeh mei tak lor. Lei tum ngor yat chai kong, "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit".

Come on, everybody, "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit".... everybody... "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit"...

Hou lah, ngor zhau tou yi tou wai zhi. Tai kah you kei tak ngor kam yat kau lei tei keh suet wah. "Zhi Sang Zhi Mit". Um sai pai ngai keh...

Um koi.

william wilstroth... zhi sang zhi mit...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Economic crisis... with everything going down...

Current economic situation is forcing many restaurants and company to downsize their products and services. Mcdonald's french fries reduce, char kuey teow with less prawn and less kuey teow. Last time there may 100 strips of kuey teow, now is about 65 stips; nasi goreng with 1000 biji of nasi, now probably estimated 505 biji of nasi; and so forth. Maybe now its the right time to downsize expenditure and also the best time downsize your tummy. Yes, its the best time to achieve your dream waist line. For people like Kong and Lim, they do not need downsizing, they need to upsize to help us (fat people) live life happier and not fretting to exercise more. Just kidding.

Let see what will happen if I order like below at Mcdonalds:

Mr William : Big Mac, extra cabbage, extra beef, extra onions, extra mayo, extra cheese, no cheese? ... add a few slice lar... and bigger bread... middle must be big! Then give me at least 30 sticks of french fries... no cut corner ok? Ribena at least one large cup standard size full ok?

Then at Kuey Teow stall:

Mr William : Char Kuey teow, tai, kar har... kar yat lup tan... kuey teow... lei mou kam... ngor u tai... ngar choi chai tor tit lar... sik tou tiu hou um tiu fai... sik meh jek... um gau ngar choi... bin tou hou sik... kei tak mou?... ngar choi chai tor tit... chun yau ar... kuey teow... u tai tiu keh... tor tit... ok?

Then at pandan leave house:

Mr William : taruh... taruh... taruh... semua mau! *** inverse finger hook sign turning ***

Economic downturn... and downsizing... I'll be damn!

williamwilstroth... tambah... tambah... taruh... taruh...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

[Originally Drawn (C)2009]

The CO-Author would like to wish everyone a belated HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


Goodbye "Mouse" Year!