Monday, September 22, 2008

Anger frust!

Getting a personal line broadband is indeed an exciting marvellous event to have but when it comes to setting up multiple connections for one single line. It's frustrating especially with Streamyx provided modem model DB102 manufactured by Riger. Some said maybe it's only worth RM10. At first I don't believe but as I tried to set it up as router than I found it really unworthy.

Back in few years when this modem was provided it didn't even support routing. It's only for bridging meaning one-to-one connection in Layman's term. However, the new modem that I obtained was the upgraded with routing supported. I followed the instruction provided in such a way:

1) Click on smartconfig.
2) Set up your username and password.
3) Click commit and restart modem.

As soon as I clicked commit and restart modem. The modem did response by constant flicker at the Data light. While my laptop don't even have any line and browser said "You're offline, idiot!". Perhaps, it is due to the switch that I used? I'm using Aztech 8-port switch which doesn't have any options to set. I guess someone out there might help me in this? Maybe I'm still lack of technical skill to set it up.

Anyway, everytime I off the modem and restart it, the line takes some long time blinking before it stabilize.

I tried configure here and there for more than two days but in vain. Alas, I got fed-up. I got a few options:

1) Get a new router+modem with 4 ports.
2) Just get a new router+modem with single port.
3) Throw the modem back to TMnet and demand a new one+configured for routing.

"GRRR#$%^, what's wrong with this modem and switch? Can't they work happily together?

-It's annoying when you can't setup something when you know how to do it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today, the co-author went to Berjaya Time Square with his life partner to enquire about the mysterious U-Mobile broadband bill that arrived in the mail box a few weeks earlier. It was supposed to be free as he returned the broadband before the promotion ends so they promised no billing for that.

As soon as he reached the counter he thought the small fee was to activate the line so he ready his wallet. Then the counter lady checked on it and smiled to him.

"Well, you returned your broadband in that time period so you don't have to pay!" U-Mobile Lady said as she smiled gleefully.

"Oh that was a relief! You know what? My wallet is almost empty.. see" He showed her the wallet.

(The last line was fictional.)

The real situation:

"Oh I see, so what happen if the bill arrive again?" I asked

"Just ignore it! Don't worry, I already issue a file for your case. It's just a billing error. We recently having error with the billing system." She smiled again.

So that's the end of the U-Mobile. What a big relieved!

Then we went to Pavilion to hunt for JCO!

And at the end, we found it! In comparison, IMHO, in my personal taste, I felt JCO was much better and highly recommended! HEHEHE!

Here's the proof: (Sorry, I ate the donuts there and they don't allow camera over there so no donuts picture.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why not up yet? Cannot masuk...

It's one of those days when your wife suddenly felt like asking, not felt, but want to ask you a lot of questions. Many questions. You are lazy to answer her but you are forced to do so because she is your wife. If only your brain is an encyclopaedia then all her questions you will answer without any difficulty. Every man's wish but every man's sadness too. One day my wife unable to surf the Internet...

Mrs William : Honey, the browser cannot display the website... can you help me here?
Mr William : * Passing by to the toilet *... wait...

Mrs William : * click... click... * argh... damn... Internet... honey... quick... quick...

Mr William : ok... let me see...

Mrs William : I kept on re-start the modem... it just won't go on... why? My computer got virus ar?
Mr William : * checking *... couldn't be... I'd just ran the AVG and cleared out a lot of things...

Mrs William : Then why cannot go up wan???... Did you accidentally deleted anything?... like some important files ka... or software...?
Mr William : * Getting annoyed *... no lar, dear...

Mrs William : Ayo... morning without my Facebook... beh syok lar... why lar, dear... sure you boh deleted any files yesterday ar??
Mr William : * Getting really annoyed *... no.

Mrs William : Then what happened to the Internet?
Mr William : * Beh tahan *... must be the heavy rain outside...

Mrs William : What?! Heavy rain can affect the Internet wan ka? I thought nowadays broadband is so efficient. We got satellites over us... data can transfer fast fast and no lag mar... Why so inefficient wan? Some more, if rain, lagi best lar... water is good electricity conductor mar... data can travel through electricity mar...
Mr William : * Data-can-travel-through-electricity?! *... ok ok hold on... i call Jiao Cum...

Mr William : * Flips out his 3.5G HTC Touch Dual (AH BAI... hear this!) *... Oi... Jiao Cum... apa macam?! tak boleh naik punya... aku boleh naik dalam 1 saat.... apa bikin lu punya tak boleh naik?... istri aku komplen boh syok sebab tak dapat masuk... dan kadang kala putus-putus... banyak potong stim... dah masuk tapi cepat turun... mana syok...???!!!
Jia Cum : Sorry sir... memang tak boleh masuk skrang... sebab ia dah down...

Mr William : Apa KNNCCB lu cakap tak boleh naik?... kanasai...!
Jia Cum : Sir... engineer kita sedang cuba memperbaikinya... sila cuba naik dan masuk dalam 15 minit lagi...

Mr William : kanasai... kena tunggu lagi ar? Istriku dah boring tunggu nie...
Jia Cum : Sorry sir... they are doing their best... to up...

Mr William : ok ok... cepat naik ar... nanti aku komplen lagi... komplen sampai naik...
Jia Cum : Sorry sir...

Mrs William : How darling... can ar??
Mr William : Broadband down liao...

Mrs William : Arghhhhhh!!!!... I hate it...!

The most surprising thing is not about her complaining unable to access the Internet but her wide IT knowledge that data travel to electricity. Is it possible? Let me give you this link:

Mr William : By the way, where did you learn that data travelled by electricity?
Mrs William : Why? I'm wrong ar? Not by electricity meh?

Mr William : Err... yes, potentially and in research maybe... but your device over here is not electrical plug... its through a certain special spectrum of radio wave that is made capable by this device here... it will be able transmit data in a hotspot provided by Jia Cum...
Mrs William : eh leh... you want me to believe you ar? Your own ABAP also not kau tim... leave me alone... ah! can go up oredy!

Mr William : -_-"""... * I feel like crying *

william wilstroth... whatever... just naik... and masuk...