Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Work, play MGS, and eat... after my last marathon for 2010

The skies are dark and the weather is terribly wet for the past few weeks. Going out to buy food is a heavy chore since I am absolutely lazy to leave my room and put down my PSP Go (iPhone too). So it is either the all beloved Cintan Mee and 1-300-McD for lunch or dinner. Anyway, I am going down to Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson for my Christmas and at the same time get in touch with my long old Bengali friend who lives in old Kepong. Good old Kepong. I wonder what he's up to lately.

My work is getting busier by the month and now I have to do work for 3 SD Analyst and it just reminded me of my old workplace. Very familiar, eh? Yes, it is indeed. The only difference now is no Ah Bai to bug me. ;P Since I started working at my new workplace I would always get the urge to play my PSP Go. That feeling will just come and go like a ghost. Oh, Tron is going to in Cinemas soon (19th Dec). I hope the date is correct. 

I noticed there's a change in me especially after I got my iPhone 4. I would incessantly whip it out and start poking on Tap games, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, my RPG games, and amongst other news apps. It is crazy and I could not help it. Enter a clothing shop, I whipped out my iPhone 4. Enter a restaurant, I whipped out my damn iPhone 4. Enter a book shop, I whipped out my damn damn iPhone 4. You can say I am with my iPhone 4 from morning until night. Just before going to sleep, I look at Tap Zoo! Other than this addicted indulgence, I have my PSP Go which my mind constantly thinking how to score an S-Rank mission. Shit... Oh by the way, God of War : Ghost of Sparta is out in PSN (PlayStation Network). ;P

The other day, I ordered Salty Chicken from Pulau Tikus, in which the delivery man had it delivered to my doorstep. So the conversation was all spoken in Cantonese.

Delivery ah pek : RM27.00
Mr William : oh... ok.... ** I gave him RM50 note **

Delivery ah pek :  ** in Hokkien ** I don't have change...
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... wait wait i go look for change for you...

Delivery ah pek : ** in Cantonese **... you are not from Penang?
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... I am from Ipoh...

Delivery ah pek : ** in Cantonese **... oh, from Ipoh... which area...?
Mr William : ** in Cantonese **... Near Jusco...

Delivery ah pek: ** in Cantonese **... oh, that's Ipoh Garden...
Mr William : YES, you are right!

Then I told my wife about our conversation and mentioned that ah pek probably from Ipoh too. Little did I know she would say the following:

Mrs William : You didn't ask him, if he knew Snr Yau?!

Shit, that was a good one...So anybody who comes from Ipoh knows my dad... ok, i will ask this question the next time anyone in Penang says they know Ipoh Garden... 

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Of iPhone 4 and PSP...I am occupied!

I know I had not come in here (this blog is still alive, not dead yet) to type a few words out for a few months and my time, has been very well spent, on a few things like my iPhone 4 and my PSP Go. So my activities for the following months had been mostly as below: 

At 6pm, 
Mr William : ** takes out PSP Go ** ... play, play...

At 7pm,
Mr William : ** iPhone 4 beeps **... swipe... scroll... touch... swipe... scroll....

At 8pm,
Mr William : ** switch to PSP Go **... play, play...

At 9pm,
Mr William : ** iPhone 4 beeps **... swipe... scroll... touch... swipe... scroll...

At 10pm,
Mrs William : Ooi! Go mandi!
Mr William : yes... ** swipe... scroll... touch... swipe... scroll... **

At 10:30pm,
Mrs William : ** walks in to sleep **
Mr William : ** PSP Go battery lights going to orange **... play, play...

At 11pm,
Mrs William : ** close bedroom door **... ** air condition switched on **
Mr William : ** PSP Go battery dead **... Ok, time to mandi... eh, where's everyone?!

So that is what happening to me these few months. By the way, my PBIM's 21 KM coming up... shit...

williamwilstroth... iPhone 4 and PSP Go... addiction..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To KL to eat, shit and sleep... what's more?!

Holiday season came and gone last week and my wallet's gone from fat to thin in that few days at Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I had drove my family in my City 200 km down south from our humble island, Penang, to metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. So it is all about spending and consuming during this festive season. 

07:30 PM - Friday, Penang at Evergreen Hotel
Had a great buffet with my cousin who came back from Saudi. Had beef, chicken, and so on.

10:30 PM - Friday, Penang
Pack and ready to drive out of Penang. Good drive and the bridge was not as jam as the one coming in from the mainland. I laughed at them for their misery for being stuck in the jam but heck it's Hari Raya so everyone is returning to their kampung. Frankly speaking, one good thing about working and staying in Penang is that you do not get to jam during the festive when your traveling down south to Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh. 

12:00 AM - Saturday, Ipoh
Reached Ipoh at midnight, reached home and fell asleep, not quite, on my bed. Amidst the king size bed and comfy pillow and bolster I can only my wife snoring who slept beside me. Oh dear, I have another drive in about 7 hours. 

09:00 AM - Saturday, Ipoh
Go to Kao Lee's Dim Sum for some curry noodle? No, we had moderate filling of dim sum like siew mai, char siew pao, lor mai kai, har kao, porridge, egg tarts and some other good stuffs. Oh boy, I can tell you that this place is beginning to pack like Foh San because I can see more outstation cars. Let us all hope, this favorite restaurant our family always goes to will not become like Foh San. By the way, Mr Ooi came to Penang to eat Foh San. Hope he got a place!

10:30 AM - Enter PLUS Highway
Again the route to Kuala Lumpur is not as jam as the next lane going towards North. Hehehehe... suckers! Okay! Okay! Everyone is going back to their kampung!

01:00 PM - Lodge at Bdr. Sri Damansara
Reach our apartment, to unload, clean and get ready for another journey which is SHOPPING! We headed first to 1-Utama Shopping Mall. Oh hell! Jam! Both old wing and new wing's parking lot FULL! I nearly gave up and decided to go to Ikano but my second brother told me that I can park at the back which is an open space car park. Good! At least I found a parking space now though the walk to the mall is not that far; just a 5 minutes walk. So we started to eat and buy things. Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! I can see my wallet thinning every moment.

06:30 PM - To La La Song... no, it's La La Chong's Seafood Restaurant 
Agreed to have dinner with my Uncle Simon and Brother Hung at a seafood restaurant at Kampung Kayu Ara. So we had prawns and what else? Of course, it's their La-La! Kam Heong La-La! Slurpee and delicious. We ate and Uncle Simon cracked jokes the whole night. 

10:30 PM - Back at Bdr. Sri Damansara
Lights out and sleep? No, I surfed the night, my brother played online games, my wife played her Facebook and my mom surfed her Internet. Heck! Everyone is surfing including my mom with her new notebook! Thank god my second brother installed a WiFi.

Do you know I met Ah Bai? Where? With Whom? 

I met Ah Bai at 1-Utama in MPH Bookstore with a pretty young girl. They were holding hands and looked so loving and happy! Scandalous!!!!

Finally, Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

williamwilstroth... KL, Spend Money, Eat, Shit, Sleep

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being 30 and beyond... up, up and away...

Got 30-ed last Monday and good bye my 20s, any difference? Well, as a 30 year old guy, I should be acting and thinking more mature and be a wiser person. Who has eaten more salt than me? Anyway, Happy Birthday to myself for reaching 30. A milestone of 30 years living on this planet, seeing anything that I can see, eating anything that I can eat, or driven any car that I could drive except for those millions of Ringgit car or screwed any girls that I can screw. Bah, I am already 30, what is more scarier than those number keep going up like no one on earth will care? Well, there are many things that is going up and you better start sweating on it. For example,  blood pressure going up, cholesterol going up, tax rates going up, loan rates going up, your PTPTN rates going up (who knows in the next 5 years, gomen say no money),... ,and worse case, petrol price going up!

As a thirty year old guy, married with one wife, drives a City, planning to buy a house and earning a meager income, I can tell you three(3) things that normally won't go up or rather going up very, very slowly like you are begging for it:
1. Your salary will not go up as fast as you hope but it will go up in due time... due time. Just g.r.a.d.u.a.l.l.y going up by a small pity percentage the company can give you. 
2. Your saving account interest rate, it work the same like point 1. You save as much as you like but interest rate won't go, speed, up like there's no tomorrow. As we all put it, "Bank pun mau makan lar!". 
3. For guys, this is very crucial, it is their lanciao (as my wife puts it), goes down as your age goes up. Pray that day, you won't be needing the blue pill. God bless you!

Yes, those are the three things that either go slowly up (can be going down too) or you have to do something to ensure it goes up all the way; and maintained it that way. Other than these three sinking items, everything will go up without you stopping it. For a very good example, your weekly petrol consumption; the gomen says up, you will see a long stretch of idiots queuing up at the petrol station hoping that last fill of petrol will last their mileage longer... some hopeful, it can be forever. Idiots! 

The other day, a colleague of mine asked how was i feeling about being hitting 30,

Uncle Peep : So how's life at 30 today?
Me : Normal, what is there to expect? I still need to do work...

Uncle Peep : Didn't do anything special?
Me : I've been doing the same thing every day for the last 30 years, probably another 30 to reach retirement and go home jadi petani.

Uncle Peep : Hahahaha... but your 30th birthday wish come true right?
Me : My 30th birthday wish come true?! Oh yeah right... let me see, I own a red Ferrari, a bungalow with 2 swimming pools, a supermodel as a mistress, and what's more... I own a jet to fly me to work. Lastly, I'm still working for someone to get my pay check. Good eh?

Uncle Peep : Hahahaha... keep it cool, young man...
Me : Young? another 20 years, I'll be like you... Come, we pray together to god to give us one nice sugar mommy!

Damn... I let you know if I strike gold at my age of 30! I hope so! Dear god dot dot dot...

williamwilstroth... buy 3d, buy Magnum, buy 4d, scratch lotto... esok jadi kaya! MIMPI lar!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup, 600cc, Wedding, and getting Fat

June has set in, half year went by, World Cup just started 2 days ago, my nose has been stuffy, free treats left with Vincent and Ang and my projects just went live. Oh gosh, there is still one that left unfinished due to last minute logic change. Anyway, the journey is still running for that part. I know it will end soon. Two weeks ago, I had attended my old friend's wedding. He had gone from thin to fat. 

I think life changes for everyone when one is settling down (getting married) especially the guys gaining waist line. I am not denying that I did not put on weight since I started living and working in Penang 2 years ago. My weight went from 66 to 70 kg. Uh-Huh. Probably, it is just a phase or the wife is a blessing for any men because they come back having to eat without having to consider where or what to eat. Cool. So your weight goes up. 

World Cup 2010, I am not a football fan and I do not even watch any of the leagues through their years of competition. World Cup is an exceptional because everyone, Tom, Dick and Harry, will be talking about it. Just yesterday morning, the cashier in 7-11, saw me holding the World Cup Special (a free pull-out) from the Star and asked, 

"What's the score for South Africa VS Mexico? Watch the second match?"

Yes, I told her the scores and the following game. Speaking of goals, this year I noticed several matches had equalizers. Is it the team players now are more stronger or the coaches strategy is strong? Last night, Argentina won the match. Nigeria were left zero throughout the 90 minutes game. Apart from that, my wife picked up the game too. She now knows that goal scored by a player behind the defender's lines is consider offside and not accounted. Anyway, the season is still early. Catcining a few games here and there is sure fun and considering the amount or quantity of guys standing by the TV sets watching the ball kicked left and right. 

In Gurney plaza, a group of people just stood beside Astro B.yond's promotional booth and watched football. Out at that front lobby, some events were being held to quiz fans about footballs. Then at mamak, people order their favorite teh tarik and watch the game. Then at certain pubs, the drinks go around and cheers went up for their favorite goal attempting or attempted to score a goal. Of course, louder cheers for a scored goal or a hush moment among tables of fans talking or critizing their players playing in the game. World Cup really just stops everyone's daily routine. Even the waitresses in 600cc are talking about it!

I am now staring at the TV showing iCarly, then looked out to the window and I see hazy sunny morning. This morning I pumped my biceps and did 20 sit-ups. Another weekend is ending and tomorrow is starting another new Monday. Oh gosh, my nose is acting up again. I need to go and blow my nose....

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life's a Jin Taan

Life's a Jin Taan. Jin Taan is not a person but is a Cantonese name for a fried egg and that is even delicious when it is served with a plate of white rice. It is cheap and the cook can serve you one easily. The aroma of frying an egg on a hot and sizzling pan, fills the kitchen that slowly seeps into the dining area, will make your stomach growls for it. A lot of things can change from just one plain fried egg if you add some chopped onion either onto or into it. It taste even better! You should be able to notice the golden brown crispy flakes around the top of the Jin Taan. Do you want one?

Jin Taan

williamwilstroth... onion fried egg... Jin Taan...

Avocado and I found it...

Classy Avocadoe with a plate of potatos skinned filled...

Tell me, if you've been looking for that one drink for a long time. You remembered you had it at one place but it is very far away. Okay, probably Air Asia can bring you there. But, you just need to have it when your mood feels for it. Neither way you want to make it yourself because you are lazy nor you want to go out to the supermarket and get one or two of it. Yet, you just feel like going to have it at a restaurant so no need to bother about making it. Perhaps, only when you are free. So one day, I found my favourite drink - Avocadoe Juice. In Indonesia, it is known as Apulkat. If you are going there, you should try this drink. It is a good stuffs.

Now I found this drink in Breeks. Yes, of all restaurants, bistros and cafes, I found it serving in Breeks. Yes! You should try it. Breeks restaurant can be found in Queensbay Mall and Gurney in Penang.

williammwilstroth... avocado juice...

Friday, May 7, 2010

CSC, 2 Bottles of Heineken and beautiful girls

With an external consultant left, a few Helpmatics passed down to my personal task list, and a first month no-shaving challenge won, and tonight Ang gave me a treat at CSC; I can't asked for more right. Reading a book on communism and about to finish it because the story is sad but interesting too.

Anyway, today I was at CSC with Ang and Maverick and I had two bottles of Heineken. Apart from my usual Guiness, I wanted something to cool down my head after several months of steam accumulated from my work. We had a good time at CSC with me and Ang ended playing foosball. Scored a few and lost a lot to Ang. By the way, you should try CSC's black pepper boneless chicken and Ang claimed it is a good stuff. So it is! Maybe next visit, I shall try Osama Fried Rice.

From 9:30 pm till 11:30 pm, I saw incoming of beautiful chicks with their boyfriends strolled into CSC. There were many moments I wanted to talk to them though a few smiled back but several reason made me stop there. Yes, CSC has its beautiful young girls. Not as silent as it seems. Perhaps, my beard struck magic spells on everyone. Bah! Probably my mind is still stupor from 2 bottles of Heineken. Yes, I am writing this entry with some Heineken still flowing in my bloodstream.

Walking towards my car, I just realized, seriously, I saw a half naked guy, knelt on both knees, covered with just a sarung having his nightly bath beside a private pipe. He was lathe with soup and the pipe was gushing water for him to rinse off his body. I am lucky that I had my own toilet in the apartment. Walking on, I saw another Indian family on rickshaw, passing by, while the father explaining to his two children about Baba and Nyonya. Don't you think its wonderful? Yes, it is! Further on, I saw an Indian guy half naked slept on a pathway. He was snoring away. I think when life has come to that stage, any floor is a good bed. I am lucky that I have a bed and a wife every night. God bless me and you!

Life has its up and down; no doubt. Tomorrow, I will be testing my Meguiar's Quik Detailing and Claybar on my PG2. Hopefully it is as good as it claimed in the Internet's Youtube. All of it cost RM106. Julia Roberts is on the television and she is still as beautiful as ever since she starred in Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman is a classic. It raised one question, "Would you fall in love with a prostitute like Richard Gere's character in the movie?" or "Would you fall in love with a gigolo?" for ladies out there. All I am trying to say that love can be so blind that it does not matter who that person works for a living but the personality that captures one's heart. How about you? Will you?

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lifes' hard

You woke up 7.00 am,
Hoping to see a better world,
Yet it just an everyday,
Like it was yesterday.

You go to work,
Hoping to see a better day,
Yet you still work,
Like it was a bit of yesterday.

Life is hard,
Easy only for a while,
With the existence of computers,
You became non existence of a little bit.

But for me who programs,
It's a bit of difference than those,
Who use computers in their life,
I need to automate those computers.

Life is hard,
Money grows slow,
Life is fast,
Money grows slower.

People are tougher,
Society is bigger,
World is flatter,
Ain't life hard?

williamwilstroth... hard life... tough society...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hamsap burung tua (Sing to Burung Kakak Tua tunes)

Hamsap burung tua, 
Suka tengok pompuan,
Hamsap burung tua,
Keluarnya satu batang...

Hamsap, Hisap, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap, Goncang, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap, Celup, Hamsap,
Oh la la la,
Hamsap burung tua...


williamwilstroth... hamsap burung tua...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Air Asia, Sibu-KL, Delayed!

Sibu had been raining for the last two days while Penang had been as dry as the Sahara desert. This morning, Air Asia (KL bound) delayed their flight by 20 minutes. 

Mr William : I wonder what's their cause of delay?
Mrs William : It's the rain... ** Her eyes focus on her iPhone **

Mr William : But isn't airbus's design meant to cut through the rain...
Mrs William : Aiya... just like car... rain means friction... so the plane is slow lar...

Mr William : Hmmph... you got a very good logical explanation there... like that, the plane is not efficient
Mrs William : Aiya... plane is not efficient... not entirely lar... also depend on the pilot...

Mr William : Then pilot not efficient....!
Mrs William : Yes!

After a while, 

Mr William : If the flight to KL is delayed... and we missed our connecting flight leh.. then how? Air Asia will compensate ar?
Mrs William : No.

Mr William : Like that... mana boleh?! We miss our connectng flight because their plane not efficient as a result of the pilot not efficient also... must bayar gantirugi lar...
Mrs William : No, it won't happen... they will say, 'it's not our problem'...

Mr William : Kanineh... if this really happen I will write to all the newspapers... Tiu!
Mrs William : Aiya... you think MAS (Malaysia Airlines) meh... they will bayar gantirugi lar... Air Asia you wait lar...

Mr William : ** lips pouting ** 
Mrs William : You pray the plane come quickly...

Mr William : Air Asia... if you come quickly and got leng lui air stewardess sit next to me throughout the flight... I will forgive you....
Mrs William : -__-"

Later inside the plane,

Captain : Sorry for the delay due to cargo issues, I hope you all understand...

Mr William : is it my problem to understand??

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My personal project for 2010

As of late, the weather has been very hot. Though there is sudden rain here and there at different spot in the island but the weather had not abated too well. I had had skin rashes or so called chicken pox but I rather doubt it because it might be due to the weather my body had became so unaccustomed to the hot season. Anyway, I had my calamine lotion and some medicine to put it down and not completely because I still feel itchy once in a while. Last solution I had in my mind is to go partially naked from waist up.

This week, I had just started my own personal project which will run, I expecting it, for more than a year or so. This personal project of mine will be fantasy/science fiction story telling about a character I just created and I hope that you will follow it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating and writing this story. I welcome any of your opinion and critique as to improve further my story and my writing. I bring you, John Lysander.

I hope you have a good weekend and stay healthy.

William Wilstroth

Friday, February 26, 2010

Twisted Thoughts : So Hoi

Disclaimer : Last night I had a dream I was in So Hoi, South Korea. I dreamt I was swept off by tsunami due to volcanic eruption. So Hoi in my dream is not an existing state or city in South Korea. My narration of my dream is pure fiction and the characters in it are part of my dream. It has no resemblance to anyone. Even if it do, my dream characters are just only a coincidence. Enjoy my dream...

All of it had happened so fast and I had took a flight to South Korea to get my beloved ones to safety, probably as fast as possible, out from So Hoi. The moment I took hold of my analysis report and read the figures, my hand had trembled and my foot had struck there like an iron cast to the floor. My stomach that had swallowed up everything in the morning had became frozen in it. I had to do something. "Secure this information and sent a link to the general", I told my colleague as I rushed out of the building. "What do I say to him?" my colleague yelled back.

"Volcanic eruption" I shot back before I ran out of the office, "Tsunami and evacuation!".

I heard him crashed onto something. It must have scared him. I hope he does not have any family in So Hoi like I partially do. My wedding is not due until next month. However, it will be too late. That place was a direct hit and the wave will be 12 feet high and by the time it reaches So Hoi, the goverment will be too late to do anything. I need to get them out immediately. I reached So Hoi in twenty minutes with my private jet.

So Hoi is located in Seochoen, South Korea and it's quite a big city according to the satellite's map. Unfortunately, So Hoi is located nearer to the west of the South Korea's coastal line. The beach is magnificient in the summer. I rented the first available jeep and drove to my future wife's house. I ran into the house. Her dad was watching his afternoon news. At least, the news has not reach their network yet else it will be another nightmare trying to leave So Hoi. Still I had to get them out as soon as possible. "Dad, you will need to follow me!". I dashed up to my wife's bedroom. "Kimmy!" I shouted as I ran up. "Kimmy" I had reach her door. "I am in the bathroom" she had replied. I can hear the water shower running.

"Come out quickly, we need to leave now!".
"I am still naked! Why?".
"I am going to take you and your family out of So Hoi now!".

She came out covered in her only towel. She was beautiful. Her hair was wet. I could even smell her lavender scented hair shampoo from where I stood by her bedroom's door. "I will tell you on the way to the airport and just grabbed your passport and personal identification", I hurried her. "What's all this?", she was now looking at me and I could sense her agitation by my sudden irrational action to leave So Hoi. I rushed to dressing table, grabbed her passport and took her out of the house. Her father just stood there looking at his future son in law as though some devil had taken over him. "Are you mad? What is all this about?", He pointed one finger on my chest.

"So Hoi is about to be burnt and flooded! Follow me if you want to live!", I ran out of the house into the jeep. I heard him shouting "the weather is fine!". I ignored my father in law and came out of the house, the sky had became so dark and heavy black smoke was billowing from the volcanic mountain. It had changed. A sudden changed in the weather. Morning had became night. Finally, the volcanic mountain has awoke from its long sleep. I fear time might not be at my side. "Look!", I yelled to my father in law as I turned my head to the mountain. He dashed out with me into the passenger side of the car. I pushed my accelerator hard with the reverse gear to get out of the house compound. It was too late. I could see fire sparks in the sky and everyone was screaming and running frantically around. I sped off towards the airport as fast as I could before the authorities grounds all flights. Fortunately, I still got my private plane on the tarmac ready for another immediate return trip to Seoul. I can leave So Hoi. That very one moment it all happen, I could hear more people shouting and I looked at my rear view mirror. I saw it. It had come. That dreaded moment. "Honey, grab hold of anything tightly. We are about to be flooded", I sped my jeep as fast as I could to the airport. I doubted if I ever had any opportunity at all. The strong gushing sound of water. The wave very high at twelve feet. I could the wave coming fast behind me.

US CNN - We bring you a horrifying news from South Korea. Roughly eight o'clock this morning a state SeoCheon, South Korea had been flooded as a result of volcanic eruption. Now, the world had been rocked with that news. South Korean government were struck by a sudden shockwave overnight. They had just received the information as I had left it to the general and it all had happen so fast. The volcanic, I guessed, had not waited for it's time. I lost my wife that very night. I recovered her body several weeks later. She was badly decomposed and my father in law was never found. After several months down the road, I can still remember the whole incident very clearly.

When the force hit our car, I can feel the whole jeep flying. I grabbed tightly my steerring wheel. But the current was too strong. The whole jeep turned and water came in. It was so cold. I could see cars and people drowned or swept away. My wife held her breath and looked at me. "I know, do not worry", my thoughts kept on saying over again and again. We were now in the current with the city beneath us like the sea had just reclaim its portion of the earth. My wife began to struggle for oxygen. I could see her body twitching badly for air. I need to do something. I freed myself from the car but my footing went wrong. The current swept me away from the car. "No", my heart yelled. That was the last I saw her.

After the aftermath, a month later, I had resigned and returned to So Hoi to see how bad the sea had reclaimed the city and what it had done after it had left. I landed twenty four hours in So Hoi and I could see the whole city was wrecked beyond recognition and my late wife's house had a large tree trunk struck into the living room. Imagine that if I had not took them out of the house. Yet, I still had lost her to the sea. I had walked around the house that day to see what I could salvaged. I found none worth save for one album which was covered with a plastic bag tigthly concealed in a safety box escaped the terror. I spent nearly half a day sitting outside the house looking at her pictures. Only if I get the result one day earlier. Only one day earlier.

I walked around the house one more time when I got another called from my ex-colleague. "Hi, I know you are in So Hoi. We got another analysis." I held my breath again.

"So Hoi"
"Yes, there will be another eruption"
"Yes, Jon, leave immediately"

I thanked him again and rushed out looked out to the sky. It was dark and lots of birds are flying away. The exactly same dark skies that had happen many months ago. I looked towards the volcanic mountain. It seem domain for that moment. Serene and quiet just like a sleeping giant. Flocks of birds flying away from that volcanic mountain is not a good sign. I drove to the airport immediately. Too late. My heart panic for the second time in my life. I heard the thunder. It was so loud that it rocked non stop. I flipped out my mobile and called my colleague. It went into voicemail. "It had started!", I yelled loudly. I could see the fire sparks again. Just like the moment I pushed my wife into the car that night. The volcanic was roaring again. My mind was racing for question of death and how bad it will end this city again. Small and big fire rocks came raining onto the street. It hit my jeep's rooftop a few times. Houses burning and people ran for cover.

I could see the last aeroplane flying off but was hit down by one lone fire rock spewed from the deadly volcanic mountain. The aeroplane came down hard with an eruption of fireball. I will not be able to convince the airport to let me out anymore. The whole state was in distress. I saw firefighters, police and the militaries helping their citizen to escape. I drove to the biggest shopping complex. I am not sure why I did that but probably that might be the safest haven now. As I drove fast, I saw a policeman stood far holding a big card wrote "REFUGE" and directing cars to a direction. It went up to another hill. I drove towards it. The whole city was leaving. I could not drove further anymore. The traffic had came to a standstill.

So Hoi's skies had became so dark and it was raining ashes too. I covered my mouth with my handkerchief. Children with their parents had formed a row with other strangers walking towards the refuge centre. The volcano roar again. It sent shivers to everyone with it's terrible tremor. I felt it surge and moving underneath my feet. The road cracked and shook wildly. More fire rocks came and I could hear people screaming and children crying. I ran for cover. "Where?" my heart questioned and my eyes looked around as I ran and ran. I saw a new building under renovation. It was another shopping mall. I ran in. The air condition was still running. I felt the cold air ran through my body and I could breathe better now. The moment I had ran in, the people inside closed the door and locked it. "Hey!", I turned back to them and told them that there were still children outside. "No, its more than we can do anymore", the security said and he looked tired and very scared. I looked around me. There were even more people huddled together and children with their parents. I could still hear fire rocks hitting the building. I prayed it will not burn the building where I am seeking shelter now.

I went to one corner, for the time being, hopefully I can called my ex-colleague and tell them where I am now. The line had went dead. As far as I had realised, there were no twelve feet wave coming at us. Perhaps, it will come like last time and it is just a matter of time. I am not sure how long it will last before the volcano will do anything angry towards us. I prayed hard that moment of sorrow and pain that I wished I had not come back. Probably I should have just leave South Korea and go back to the states. One part of me still longing for one thing that had held me back in Seoul. I wanted a few pictures of her so I could bring her back to the US. I prayed hard again. Then someone came running back and knocked some things over me. "I'm sorry", she apologized. "Kim!" it was her!

"Sorry! I am not Kim"
"I am sorry you looked like her"
"Yeah, in such circumstances everyone tends to look like everyone", she nodded her head.

I kept silent and saw her ran away. She had ran away fast to the back. I picked myself up and ran behind her. I am not sure why I ran after her. For a moment I did not know she was bringing a child with her running towards the parking lot. "Why was she running towards the parking lot?" said my thoughts. She had gone through the exit. I had lost sight of her again. I pushed the exit door outward. I heard someone crying. I ran towards it. She had sat herself on the ground crying hard. Obviously, the car in front of her was crushed to pieces and burning. The child, a girl, was crying also. "Papa!" she held up her little arms. I walked towards them. "Come on, you all need to leave. There's nothing you can do here". I held up her daughter and I took Kim, no it was not her, back into the building. Her husband had been crushed to death by a fire rock from the sky when volcanoe erupted that night. Her husband were waiting for them outside when the woman took her daughter into the new shopping store to buy a few things. His luck had met his creator.

Now I am in the building with another person who looked so much like my late wife. Her daughter is adorable too. I wished god would have been more lenient now. Faith has always been twisty and mysterious. The booming and roaring of the volcano is deafening. I hope I can leave this forsaken place. I am just as helpless as anyone in this building. I looked at that person who looked so much like my late wife. "What's your name?".

williamwilstroth... So Hoi, Kimmy...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear diary...

Dear diary,

I am feeling happy and excited because I bought my wife a new iPhone 3GS and I am looking forward to using and playing with it everyday. However, I have yet another feeling that I can only use it at night or only after I come home from work. That iPhone makes me want to go out to get another one. Perhaps I will not buy it but plan of buying some other things from Apple. The iPhone 3GS really gives me a whole new environment to using a mobile phone. It is the feeling that I unable to get it using other phones like SONY, NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG, and HTC. As a matter of fact, I am using a year (very) old HTC model but I am not really into mobile phone. Unfortunately, iPhone 3GS is very different as I can be playing games, texting, listening to music and surfing my Facebook. All in one package as they said it and yes i admitted the fact Apple did a good job in the iPhone department. So diary, please, and please ... don't make me go to iTunes. I just spent RM10.00 buying a game for my wife! Booo ho ho ho ho ho... sob! sob! sob!

Oh geeze... that's gay... I am not going to write my blog like that anymore. Fark... Kanineh... just like a girl writing her feelings out in her diary... I am really emotionally disturbed by Apple... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

williamwilstroth... iPhone, diary, feelings and gay exclusively... argh!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where? I don't see the person...?!

Mrs William took a photo recently that caught my attention and I went to talk to her about it. The photo was taken while I was dozing off in the afternoon. My guess is something spooky had happened and she wanted to take proof of it just like Paranormal Activities movie. That movie was scary and everything was acted and recorded using hand held camera on a tripod while the couple (actors and actress) went to sleep. Anyway, I won't go further on that movie. Let us take a look at what my wife took that afternoon...

what do you see...?

Mr William : why did you take this shot?
Mrs William : don't you see anything in it?

Mr William : huh?! where? where?...
Mrs William : it's in there... look closer?

Mr William : ** heart beat fast fast liao ** where? where... I don't see anything but your notebook...!
Mrs William : there's a person there... look closer...

Fark, I was freaking out when she said that there was a person in the picture so she took it. I thought of her late mother. Oh god! So let's take another look at the picture and see if you can see anyone in it...

Don't you see anything, do you?

Mrs William : It's there! Just look closer...
Mr William : Where?! Where?! ** Gulp **

Mrs William : It's THERE!!!
Mr William : ooh ... shit.... I see him... he's there... Oh MY GOD!!! I will take this camera!!!

Scroll down and I will show you where is it...

---------------> Scroll down sumore...

----------------------> Scroll down sumore... but be prepared...

----------------------------------------> Scroll down sumore... are you sure...? don't pengsan.... ok?


Scary or not?! Scary leh... damn, I freak out!

Hahahahahahahahaha.... nah, that notebook picture, my wife took it, to tell me that there's something for me to change in the picture. If you understand what my wife meant or if you have been following my facebook these few days after I purchased a new iPod Shuffle.

williamwilstroth... Ah Bai... and my wife's nothing to do...

Something nice and cute...

At one bakery store in Gurney Plaza, it is selling some very nice, cute and small bread baked like ice-cream. The moment I saw it, I told my wife, I wanted to buy a few of it. It was very cute and I took a few home. "Are you girl?," was what my wife asked when she saw my happy face at the counter paying for those little cute breads. I admit that I am sucker for cute stuffs. ;P

One boxful of bread on sticks!

Red bean flavor!

Almond chip chocolate flavor!

Vanilla flavor!

Mrs William : Are you done?
Mr William : Wait... a little bit more... ** click **

Mrs William : ...
Mr William : One more... one more... ** click **

Mrs William : ** Immediately grabs one! **
Mr William : Ooi!

williamwilstroth... bread on sticks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Muffins... only!

This entry, I should have, published last year in December after I had it in my stomache. Queensbay Mall last year around November had opened a new small store that sells just muffins. The store is also called "Just Muffins". It sells a variety of small muffins with lots of flavours range from strawberry to almond chocolate muffins. One small piece cost only RM1.80. Last year I bought a box of four "Just Muffins" muffins.

ooh... looks good eh?

choc filled, hazelnut choc, almond choc, and blueberry muffins... yum! yum!

Mrs William : Are you going to eat everything yourself?
Mr William : hehehehe...

Mrs William : Can I take one?
Mr William : ok... which one you want?

Mrs William : I want almond choc...
Mr William : errr... I like that also...

Mrs William : ok I take hazelnut choc...
Mr William : hmmm... that looks good too also...

Mrs William : Then i take the blueberry muffin...
Mr William : err... but blueberry is my favorite...!

Mrs William : Ok I take the chocolate filled muffin...
Mr William : ... : (... I like that too...

Mrs William : -___-"... are you a girl?
Mr William : hehehehe... let me go home take photo first ok?

williamwilstroth... Just Muffins...

Running with iPod Shuffle...Finally!

After my first run for 2010 in Kuala Lumpur's Pacesetter Padang Merbuk, I have been in deep thoughts to get my own MP3 player. Although I had my several runs, I find running with an MP3 I feel much better like there's voice to accompany you. Hard to describe the feeling. That day during the run, I had borrowed my wife's one and I had been warned not to change her song list. So, I had to make do my run with her songs and not mine! Though her songs are quite nice to listen but some of it is not so suitable for running. So, here you are I finally bought my own first MP3 player and it is an iPod Shuffle! (yeah, have to thanks those guys who keep psycho-ing me to buy it! I am sure you know who you are!)


iPod Shuffle in the package:
1. iPod Shuffle 4 GB with Voiceover Feedback on your playlist and song information
2. USB cable
3. Ear phone
4. Two Apple stickers

Cost : RM 299 only from Switch, Queensbay Penang.

williamwilstroth... iPod Shuffle 4GB

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Chinese New Year - 大日子

Another movie to look forward during this coming Chinese New Year 2010. Royce, Lam Tuck Wing, Gan Mei Yan and several local artiste will be starring in a new movie called 大日子. Here's a preview that you can watch from youtube. Coming soon to your nearby cinemas!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy, 2010!

williamwilstroth... 大日子

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Labuan's Kolo Mee By Ah Teck...

Labuan is where my wife grew up and left after she got an offer from Adventist Hospital to be a nurse. Since I married her in 2007 I have been visiting Labuan every end of the year. Recently I went back to Labuan for a visit. Things a bit different now for us since my late mother in law passed away last year around March. However, there is something my wife and me still look up to when we go back to Labuan. Among many other things is kolo mee. Kolo mee is a plate of thin yellow noodles (using wan tan mein) blanched with Ah Teck's recipe of soy sauce and served with thin slices of pork and garnished with chopped onions. 

There are a few types of kolo mee at our eastern side of Malaysia especially in Sarawak. You can get green kolo mee and red kolo mee. I think there are more colors in Sarawak. Anyway, this is one dish of noodles I will look forward if I go back to Labuan. I even had my bro-in-law tapao 2 packs of kolo mee back to West Malaysia. I wish I could eat it in Air Asia. Kolo Mee in the air, who knows?!

 Yup, tapao 2 kolo mee and fly back to West Malaysia

williamwilstroth... kolo mee from Labuan

Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES

Since last year I had been planning to change my Reebok's shoe lace but I was lazy. So 2010 came and I made myself to change a new shoe lace. Hence, I found Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES. It is part of Nike's campaign to help fight AIDS in Africa. Now, my Reebok shoe has finally gotten a new face lift with its sexy red shoe lace from Nike.


williamwilstroth... Nike's Lace UP Save LIVES