Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life's a Jin Taan

Life's a Jin Taan. Jin Taan is not a person but is a Cantonese name for a fried egg and that is even delicious when it is served with a plate of white rice. It is cheap and the cook can serve you one easily. The aroma of frying an egg on a hot and sizzling pan, fills the kitchen that slowly seeps into the dining area, will make your stomach growls for it. A lot of things can change from just one plain fried egg if you add some chopped onion either onto or into it. It taste even better! You should be able to notice the golden brown crispy flakes around the top of the Jin Taan. Do you want one?

Jin Taan

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Avocado and I found it...

Classy Avocadoe with a plate of potatos skinned filled...

Tell me, if you've been looking for that one drink for a long time. You remembered you had it at one place but it is very far away. Okay, probably Air Asia can bring you there. But, you just need to have it when your mood feels for it. Neither way you want to make it yourself because you are lazy nor you want to go out to the supermarket and get one or two of it. Yet, you just feel like going to have it at a restaurant so no need to bother about making it. Perhaps, only when you are free. So one day, I found my favourite drink - Avocadoe Juice. In Indonesia, it is known as Apulkat. If you are going there, you should try this drink. It is a good stuffs.

Now I found this drink in Breeks. Yes, of all restaurants, bistros and cafes, I found it serving in Breeks. Yes! You should try it. Breeks restaurant can be found in Queensbay Mall and Gurney in Penang.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

CSC, 2 Bottles of Heineken and beautiful girls

With an external consultant left, a few Helpmatics passed down to my personal task list, and a first month no-shaving challenge won, and tonight Ang gave me a treat at CSC; I can't asked for more right. Reading a book on communism and about to finish it because the story is sad but interesting too.

Anyway, today I was at CSC with Ang and Maverick and I had two bottles of Heineken. Apart from my usual Guiness, I wanted something to cool down my head after several months of steam accumulated from my work. We had a good time at CSC with me and Ang ended playing foosball. Scored a few and lost a lot to Ang. By the way, you should try CSC's black pepper boneless chicken and Ang claimed it is a good stuff. So it is! Maybe next visit, I shall try Osama Fried Rice.

From 9:30 pm till 11:30 pm, I saw incoming of beautiful chicks with their boyfriends strolled into CSC. There were many moments I wanted to talk to them though a few smiled back but several reason made me stop there. Yes, CSC has its beautiful young girls. Not as silent as it seems. Perhaps, my beard struck magic spells on everyone. Bah! Probably my mind is still stupor from 2 bottles of Heineken. Yes, I am writing this entry with some Heineken still flowing in my bloodstream.

Walking towards my car, I just realized, seriously, I saw a half naked guy, knelt on both knees, covered with just a sarung having his nightly bath beside a private pipe. He was lathe with soup and the pipe was gushing water for him to rinse off his body. I am lucky that I had my own toilet in the apartment. Walking on, I saw another Indian family on rickshaw, passing by, while the father explaining to his two children about Baba and Nyonya. Don't you think its wonderful? Yes, it is! Further on, I saw an Indian guy half naked slept on a pathway. He was snoring away. I think when life has come to that stage, any floor is a good bed. I am lucky that I have a bed and a wife every night. God bless me and you!

Life has its up and down; no doubt. Tomorrow, I will be testing my Meguiar's Quik Detailing and Claybar on my PG2. Hopefully it is as good as it claimed in the Internet's Youtube. All of it cost RM106. Julia Roberts is on the television and she is still as beautiful as ever since she starred in Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman is a classic. It raised one question, "Would you fall in love with a prostitute like Richard Gere's character in the movie?" or "Would you fall in love with a gigolo?" for ladies out there. All I am trying to say that love can be so blind that it does not matter who that person works for a living but the personality that captures one's heart. How about you? Will you?

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