Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Air Asia, Sibu-KL, Delayed!

Sibu had been raining for the last two days while Penang had been as dry as the Sahara desert. This morning, Air Asia (KL bound) delayed their flight by 20 minutes. 

Mr William : I wonder what's their cause of delay?
Mrs William : It's the rain... ** Her eyes focus on her iPhone **

Mr William : But isn't airbus's design meant to cut through the rain...
Mrs William : Aiya... just like car... rain means friction... so the plane is slow lar...

Mr William : Hmmph... you got a very good logical explanation there... like that, the plane is not efficient
Mrs William : Aiya... plane is not efficient... not entirely lar... also depend on the pilot...

Mr William : Then pilot not efficient....!
Mrs William : Yes!

After a while, 

Mr William : If the flight to KL is delayed... and we missed our connecting flight leh.. then how? Air Asia will compensate ar?
Mrs William : No.

Mr William : Like that... mana boleh?! We miss our connectng flight because their plane not efficient as a result of the pilot not efficient also... must bayar gantirugi lar...
Mrs William : No, it won't happen... they will say, 'it's not our problem'...

Mr William : Kanineh... if this really happen I will write to all the newspapers... Tiu!
Mrs William : Aiya... you think MAS (Malaysia Airlines) meh... they will bayar gantirugi lar... Air Asia you wait lar...

Mr William : ** lips pouting ** 
Mrs William : You pray the plane come quickly...

Mr William : Air Asia... if you come quickly and got leng lui air stewardess sit next to me throughout the flight... I will forgive you....
Mrs William : -__-"

Later inside the plane,

Captain : Sorry for the delay due to cargo issues, I hope you all understand...

Mr William : is it my problem to understand??

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My personal project for 2010

As of late, the weather has been very hot. Though there is sudden rain here and there at different spot in the island but the weather had not abated too well. I had had skin rashes or so called chicken pox but I rather doubt it because it might be due to the weather my body had became so unaccustomed to the hot season. Anyway, I had my calamine lotion and some medicine to put it down and not completely because I still feel itchy once in a while. Last solution I had in my mind is to go partially naked from waist up.

This week, I had just started my own personal project which will run, I expecting it, for more than a year or so. This personal project of mine will be fantasy/science fiction story telling about a character I just created and I hope that you will follow it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating and writing this story. I welcome any of your opinion and critique as to improve further my story and my writing. I bring you, John Lysander.

I hope you have a good weekend and stay healthy.

William Wilstroth