Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup, 600cc, Wedding, and getting Fat

June has set in, half year went by, World Cup just started 2 days ago, my nose has been stuffy, free treats left with Vincent and Ang and my projects just went live. Oh gosh, there is still one that left unfinished due to last minute logic change. Anyway, the journey is still running for that part. I know it will end soon. Two weeks ago, I had attended my old friend's wedding. He had gone from thin to fat. 

I think life changes for everyone when one is settling down (getting married) especially the guys gaining waist line. I am not denying that I did not put on weight since I started living and working in Penang 2 years ago. My weight went from 66 to 70 kg. Uh-Huh. Probably, it is just a phase or the wife is a blessing for any men because they come back having to eat without having to consider where or what to eat. Cool. So your weight goes up. 

World Cup 2010, I am not a football fan and I do not even watch any of the leagues through their years of competition. World Cup is an exceptional because everyone, Tom, Dick and Harry, will be talking about it. Just yesterday morning, the cashier in 7-11, saw me holding the World Cup Special (a free pull-out) from the Star and asked, 

"What's the score for South Africa VS Mexico? Watch the second match?"

Yes, I told her the scores and the following game. Speaking of goals, this year I noticed several matches had equalizers. Is it the team players now are more stronger or the coaches strategy is strong? Last night, Argentina won the match. Nigeria were left zero throughout the 90 minutes game. Apart from that, my wife picked up the game too. She now knows that goal scored by a player behind the defender's lines is consider offside and not accounted. Anyway, the season is still early. Catcining a few games here and there is sure fun and considering the amount or quantity of guys standing by the TV sets watching the ball kicked left and right. 

In Gurney plaza, a group of people just stood beside Astro B.yond's promotional booth and watched football. Out at that front lobby, some events were being held to quiz fans about footballs. Then at mamak, people order their favorite teh tarik and watch the game. Then at certain pubs, the drinks go around and cheers went up for their favorite goal attempting or attempted to score a goal. Of course, louder cheers for a scored goal or a hush moment among tables of fans talking or critizing their players playing in the game. World Cup really just stops everyone's daily routine. Even the waitresses in 600cc are talking about it!

I am now staring at the TV showing iCarly, then looked out to the window and I see hazy sunny morning. This morning I pumped my biceps and did 20 sit-ups. Another weekend is ending and tomorrow is starting another new Monday. Oh gosh, my nose is acting up again. I need to go and blow my nose....

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