Sunday, July 8, 2018

Modernize Home Living Today

Our parents had a much simpler views on managing their household. A simple kitchen with all the bare necessities that can make out delicious food for the family was all mothers wanted and still it is today. A simple living room with a sofa, a television, and a fan was all fathers wanted and they could have a good hearty time with the wife and the kids. A simple bedrooms with beds, a table that could be for either make up or studying was simply enough for the wife and the kids. Then, a simple toilet with a proper toilet bowl, a sink, a huge water tank to store water was just it. 

Nowadays, the society had moved from traditional living to modernize living. People who can afford to hire an interior decorator can have all types of themes, that one could just live out a show room. Back in those days, an interior decorator was unheard of and probably on the rich could afford it. Hiring an interior decorator is expensive and one could easily spent at least fifty thousands of ringgit and above. Times has change, the society has been progressively changing with the level of economics in the country. Therefore, this has somehow modernize home living. 

Firstly, developers no longer just build and sell a house to home buyers. There are different developers out there offering different types of package which include a certain level of customization or interior furnishing. Buyers now has a choice to choose the type of house they want despite the fluctuation of home prices but that is another issue to consider. Right now, buyers can find home projects that offers some degree of interior furnishing. Yes, home buyers gets to have some built-in furniture when they go collect their keys. These are some optional offerings that one could find in the housing market today. 

Secondly, maturity of society towards home living has change over the years. The accessible of the Internet and opening up of great bookstores has open up or broaden up the community to different themes and knowledge in home living. One could just google up some aspect on home living such as modern living room, rustic kitchen, home appliance and so on has open up doors to many types and styles of home living. As a result, this has led to the demand of different type of home living. This exposes ideas to family and individuals to how one could change their ways of living in their beloved house. 

Thirdly, home improvement has been gaining momentum and becoming a challenge to many furniture designers and manufacturers. Local manufacturers no longer has to settle with the price-to-equal design product because progression in home living has led them to be more progressive in pricing and getting to the quality and level of design of furniture. They have to compete with bigger manufacturers who provides a higher value added services such as do-it-yourself furniture, delivery, and assembled on the spot. All of these were made affordable to buyers by global manufacturers successfully such as IKEA. If one take a stroll in IKEA Malaysia, one will beg to question the huge turnout of visitors every weekend. The numbers are huge and the counters are frequently long. In comparison to local home furnishing providers, the numbers differ. One could argue that it is incorrect to compare local sellers to huge brand seller like IKEA because their business model is totally different. In my opinion, they are similar because both offers furniture. Probably, a degree higher because they offer not just a wide range of furnishing because it has so many department that one could easily spend hours in it. Therefore, local sellers has to be more creative and offers more for their customers. 

Home living is a huge business and there is no doubt to it. Every year, there are many buyers getting their keys to their first house or another house. It is not going to stop because developers has to keep on going to the next project in order to grow. Therefore, home living will continue to be a challenge to local sellers, more choices to home buyers, and home designers will have to continue to find and sources for fresher ideas. 

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