Sunday, February 14, 2016

Twisted Thoughts : He Came Back

"Where have you been?", asked Sharon. She gripped the door knob tightly as the person she was talking to had long been forgotten. He just came up to her door step, a knock she heard and she opened to him. "Hi", the man said minutes ago. 

"They told me," she couldn't bare to say it again. The military came with the letter. It had happened many years ago and she couldn't even manage to stand when the officer broke the news to her, right at the very same doorstep that night. "I am very sorry, ma'am", the officer apologized as according to the policy when they need to visit relatives of the deceased. 

"They had me iced...", John said. He was drenched in the heavy rain. Thunder struck behind him as he stood there lifeless. "I have no idea where was I and the first thing I remembered was you", and he moved one step closer. Sharon was alarmed and immediately closed the net door. "You are dead, John", she cried. 

John looked at her, not sure if he was really dead dead. Time had not waited for him. She was frightened not because John came back. She did want him returned many years ago after she had received the letter. She had missed him so much that every night she would cried herself to sleep. "John, you are dead", she repeated. "Don't move any closer", this is different now as she had come to accept he had passed on. Now, this stranger who resemblance John or was it really John who is standing in front of her now. "Stay there, John", she fidgeted at her phone and started looking up for Derek. Derek is in the military in-charge of John's team. He was the commanding officer now in some place. The phone dialed Derek and a beep went on before a replied came through.

"Sharon, I've been trying to get hold of you. Listen to me, whatever you do. Do not open the door. Lock it", Derek instructed Sharon. She stood frozen upon hearing those words. Her hand slowly reach to lock the net door and walked backwards. John stared at her. His eyes were glassy and void of life. John continued to stare at her. His mouth opened a bit. "Derek, come quick," and that's what all she could manage to say. 

"Sharon! Sharon! We are coming!" Derek's voice echoed through the night. It was quiet after that. The only sound that filled up the house was some hungry animals feeding; the crackling and crunching of bones. After some time, it went quiet...

williamwilstroth... hecameback whatwashe 

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