Sunday, February 14, 2016

Twisted Thoughts : Where are you?

Gabe : Hey, I'm going to take a nap. 
Beth : Okay, Oh, I am heading out to Sam's, you need anything? 
Gabe : Get me some meatloafs? 
Beth : Okay. 

It must have been hours she had went out but never this long, and it's already too dark and past dinner time. 

Gabe : Hi John, you seen Beth? 
John : No, she didn't tell you where she'll be heading to?
Gabe : Told me she'll be at Sam's. 
John : Why don't you go over to find out?
Gabe : I'll do that... 

The drive was short and fast. He was anxious to know if she was still there. Perhaps, she met some neighbors or someone from her Yoga group; talked too long unknowingly. If it is, then it is good to know. 

Gabe : Sam! You see Beth?
Sam : She just left many hours ago. 
Gabe : You sure?
Sam : Hey, if you are heading home, take this bag with you. She missed one shopping bag.
Gabe : Thanks!

He walked fast to his truck and his mind is searching fast.

Gabe : Where are you, Beth?

He opened his phone and pressed his sister's name on the screen. It blinked a while before someone answer the call.

Gabe : Sis, is Beth there with you? 
Sister : What are you talking about?
Gabe : Beth, is Beth there with you? 
Sister : What? Beth?
Gabe : Yes, Beth. Is she with you? For god sake!
Sister : Gabe, have you been drinking too much?
Gabe : Just tell me where is Beth, will you?
Sister : Gabe, just get a hold of yourself, please...
Gabe : I am just asking you where is Beth...
Sister : Gabe, did you visit Dr. Freeman?
Gabe : Jeeze, I just want to know if Beth is there...
Sister : I give up, Gabe. Beth is not here...

His mind is wrecking now. She is not there at her sister's house. Where could she be? He had to drive home and maybe she just went to do some personal errands elsewhere. At the apartment, he ran up the stairs, and bumped into John.

John : You found her? 
Gabe : No. Please let me know if you happen to see her? 
John : Sure. 

Gabe went into his home and closed his door. 

Gabe : Beth! Are you home? 
Beth : Hey! I am here... where were you? I was looking all over the places for you!
Gabe : I went to Sam to look for you. You left your shopping bag there...
Beth : Oh dear, I know I can rely on you... Thanks.


John : He is at it again, every month.
Suzy : You mean the crazy Gabe opposite us?
John : Yes, he just can't get over her. She's been dead for years. 
Suzy : Oh poor Gabe... 
John : He is crazy enough to wear her clothes too! I wonder why the management hasn't kick him out yet. Oh god... hear now, he's talking loud to himself now...


Sister : Mom, are we going to visit Gabe?
Mom : No, the last time we were there... Oh god, I have no wish to say anymore... He is sick...
Sister : Why don't we call in the hospital? 
Mom : It's no use... He refuse to take meds and all he does is talked to the mannequin and pretend Beth is still alive. 


Peter : Aren't we being too nice? 
Sam : That's the least we can do for Beth to take care of Gabe. 
Peter : Do we get paid for all the groceries we given him?
Sam : No worries, his estate is rich enough to handle all that. 
Peter : Poor Gabe... What happen to his wife?
Sam : ... She jumped... 

williamwilstroth... Gabe, she's not here. 

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