Monday, August 28, 2017

Twisted Thoughts - My Wife

When you had done bad before, you would always be aware of some bad karma coming back to kiss your sorry ass. That is when fear strikes hard at you in the heart, and I am always very careful of that. Yes, you can do all the charity and gave as many prayers as you can do in any temple you come across to make atonement. Does it really work? I don't think so.

Me : Will you turn your back on me?
My Wife : Yes. 

Me : Will you go somewhere and leave me alone?
My Wife : Yes. 

Me : How about another man approaches you?
My Wife : Yes. 

My Wife : Can you stop being an ass? If i wanted to do all those, it wouldn't be now. Way earlier. Go to sleep! It's already 2 in the morning... jeeze...

Damn coffee... don't drink coffee at night...

WilliamWilstroth... scary thoughts and fear of bad karma

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